Black? White? Where are my Hispanics?

Janice Mendoza, East Lansing, MI. I moved to Michigan from Southern California in middle school. I was very shocked to find out that there were not many Latinos in my new area. I felt very out of place. I am current student at Michigan State. I loved the idea of diversity when I got accepted […]

The worst at being a stereotype

Michael Quintana Murrieta, CA I’m not really offended by anything people say for the most part. Could be for a number of reasons. Could be the fact that I live in Southern California, or maybe because people don’t know/don’t care what ethnicity I am. But I know one thing for sure. I am Japanese and […]

Ridiculously complicted; I can’t handle it!

Lindsey USA I wish that we were not so scared to talk about race. The worst thing you can call a person is “racist.” It is a terrible insult and a judgement against your character. Fear of being labeled racist is what holds back discussion. Also, why are non-white people identified by hyphenated race/ethnicity/nationality? Why […]