Trump may be our best friend

Tom Tito, St. Petersburg, FL. Maybe. We will know how good or bad the Trump administration is in a few months. By “We” I mean low wage families trapped in crime infested inner cities with failing schools. Trump has talked about us, will he do anything? I was shocked by the racism in the Republican […]

They’re black. Why do you care?

Sara Hofmann St. Petersburg, FL I used to work with kids in the foster care system, which required a lot of effort and hours. When new acquaintances asked me what I did for a living, I told them, and after a few more questions I would occasionally get this question or something like it. (I’m […]

White. I have the power. Wrong.

Mark Joseph Runge St. Petersburg, FL I am a white guy married to a Blacktina woman. Sure, as I white and male person I have a leg up as compared to others, like my wife if she gets pulled over in Arizona. But as a just-over-poor person I don’t have much power. Race is just […]