Where you goin’, where you been?

Caitlin Grames Sterling Heights, MI Race, gender, heritage, and all other innate traits we are born with are only secondary to our life experiences. Our stories make us who we are as individuals. And you can’t capture a whole history with just “black”, or just “white”.

Sterling Whites is my town’s nickname.

Jacob Barshaw Ann Arbor, MI Understanding Race Project- University of Michigan For my entire life I have lived in in a town called Sterling Heights. When I was in elementary school, close to 800 children went to my school. Only one was black. Until last year, not one black person owned a house in my […]

White people do not own racism

Matt Rose Sterling Heights, MI For five years I was a SHARP (Skinhead Against Racial Prejudice.) In those five years, every preconceived notion I had about racism, anti-racism and idealism got turned on its head. I was hated by racist Whites for being a “race traitor”, and hated by everyone else for looking like what […]