I try not to be racist

Brittney Smith, Washington, DC. But since I’ve moved here I can’t help but notice that many of the stereotypes of black males are true. I’ve been chased down the street by black males, groped by black males and sexually assaulted by a black male in the street. Since then I’ve been scared of black males. […]

You can not cross Father Lawler’s street

Joseph L Collins Jr Omaha, NE Ashland Avenue in Chicago was the street you could not west of it at 69th street or you would get beat up by White men/boys in the early 60’s. A white priest was a defender of the neighborhood that let that hate happen. God is about Love and that […]

Why do I cross the street?

Genevieve Foskett Deerfield, WI Liberal, well-educated 48 year old female, deeply embarrassed by knee-jerk reaction to walking along a street alone and seeing a group of African-American or Hispanic people.

Multiple assaults by young African-Americans, fear.

Will Parksley, VA As the victim of two assaults by African-American youth, both violent punches to the back of my head, one after I had made a conscious decision not to cross the street because I wouldn’t have done that if they were white children, I have learned my lesson. I know this is racist, […]

We’re just not understanding each other

Nancy Wilson Submitted via: NPR’s Talk of the Nation Misunderstanding is breaking my hopeful heart. I was robbed by a black man I’d smiled at on the street. I still smile at people on the street. But, I might hold my purse tighter. I was robbed by a black man I’d looked in the eyes […]