In my subconscious, he is white

Katherine Hannan Wears, Ogdensburg, NY. When I was a practicing attorney, I scheduled an appointment with an attorney who was a specialist in the field of construction litigation. The contact was made through an attorney I knew well. As I waited at the appointment, I didn’t consciously think, “What will he look like?” When he […]

Subconsciously, I’m afraid. I hate it.

Ian Cyr Springfield, VA I read once, that those of us who are white and in our late 20’s and early 30’s (and probably those outside that age range) have been put in a difficult position by society. We’ve grown up being taught one thing – tolerance, equality, etc., while at the same time, growing […]

Subconscious shame breeds fear then violence

Colleen Stanturf Davis, CA With a disproportional number of black men in prison, the cycle of violence really has not been broken since slavery days. Whites violate blacks in so many hidden ways, that the fear of retaliation for the wrongness is squeezed into a systematic, subconscious projection of black as predator. That IS the […]