Don’t assume I’m racist like you.

Nicole Moriarty, Tallahassee, FL. I’m white and I’ve been living in the south for about 5 years and this crazy thing continually happens to me: white people see the color of my skin and assume, wrongly, that I harbor the same ignorance and racism that they do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of my […]

Something other: ambiguous race, ambiguous identity.

Rachel Crooks Tallahassee, FL As a woman with a Mexican mother (“Mexican” to signify “mixed race,” although my mother has been identified by some as being Native American or Filipino or ‘Asian’) and a Jamaican father (his ethnicity is never questioned, though his nationality is reduced to ‘African American’), I grew up in a strange […]

Can’t hear; look normal; left out.

Danielle Branciforte Tallahassee, FL I am now 61 and have had a severe hearing loss since the age of 12, requiring me to wear two hearing aids. Throughout the years it has been a constant struggle to fit in. I am not deaf, so have been regretted by that community; and because I look and […]