Universal race – being a disable person.

Susan M. Giusto USA I hear this a lot from the non-disabled race(s). You are described by your disability, “The chick with glasses…”, “the dude in the wheelchair.” ” The kid with the artificial leg.” In a crowd people scan for that and then further qualify with color race labels. Some days it is hard, […]

Beautiful, Universal, Magnificent, Individuals as ONE!

David E. Spence NYC, nY A concept I made and copyrighted this for a children’s book and character I made for my daughter 23 or 24 years ago. I wanted to convey to my daughter Aria the importance of everything and everyone in her life whether black, white, etc. gay/homosexual, different religions, rich/poor or anything […]

Only bigots believe prejudice is universal

J Wildman Saint Louis, MO I grew up in a household where we were basically allowed to develop our own opinions about prejudice. I’ve never been a racist. My prejudice of choice was against gay men. Something that I’m still ashamed of having felt, even though I’ve since let that go. When I became an […]