White people: not them, but us.

Jessica Keast, Portland, ME. I’ve noticed that many white people have a tendency to use the pronoun ‘them’ instead of ‘us’ in relation to other white people when talking about race. By failing to include ourselves the group we push the blame off ourselves, but also neglect to recognize the implicit biases present in everyone. […]

Born in the U.S., NOT Mexican

Rachel Guerrero, Menifee, CA. I was born and raised in Southern California. My mother was born in Mexico and my father was born here. I have always considered myself Mexican and when I met my husband he said that I was not Mexican because I was not born in Mexico. He was born in Mexico […]

Problem: them or us. Solution: us

Sue Sanchez Mexico When we separate people into those who are like us and those we perceive as being different it can lead to fear, hatred or abuse. If we can include everyone in the “us” category maybe we would be less likely to fear, hate and abuse them. After all, our similarities are much […]

“White” papers over background identity.

Catherine Kehl, Cleveland Heights. OH. When we divide ourselves into “us” and “other” we don’t only lose the other, we lose ourselves. I was twenty-seven before I realized that my mother sometimes spoke to me in Spanish not because she’d picked some up in college before travelling in South America in her twenties, but because […]

You just assume that I’m American.

Sophie Kershaw, Knoxville, TN. I was born in England, lived in Denmark for a few years, and my family settled in the US. I speak American to Americans and British to my family. Most people assume I’m American, and people often make me uncomfortable by talking about “people from over there” and debating immigration reform […]

You are the color of us

Jennifer Davis St. Augustine, FL I am a white mother of two bi-racial children. It is hard when society identifies them as black when they are an equal part white. But more than that, they are Milo as much as they are Jen, they are outspoken as much as they are unsure, they are me […]

I am Afro-Caribbean, not African American.

Tracey Lincoln Needham, MA I am a proud Jamaican immigrant who was raised in that tiny island until I was eighteen years old. There, we have rampant classism, but racism – in a country that is over 90% black – is not something I had to deal with until I went to an elite small […]

We’re all Americans stop separating us!

Mike Gaither Hanahan, SC We need to stop dividing ourselves in groups. We need to join together and accept our differences or ultimately our differences will destroy us. If every American listened and I mean truly listened, with a clear mind and an open heart, to all the words of Martin Luther King’s “I have […]