We must let go for equality

Katie Foxx, San Jose, CA. I shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of who I am. Because I was born white people automatically assume I’m racist and have had everything given to me and have never bared any hardships myself, and never been a victim of racism. I shouldn’t have to worry about everything that I […]

Been a victim of Black violence

Hilary Sloane, Joshua Tree, CA. It happened several times. The last time a stranger shot me five times through my car window and hit me three times. I have had the opportunity to heal those traumas through encounters with beautiful, loving strangers of color. My responses are relaxing and I no longer jump when I […]

I was mugged by a “victim”

Jonathan Osmundsen, Washington, DC. I appreciate some of the coverage that’s focused on the Baltimore riots, and issues that influenced an explosion of pent up anger. That frustration is valid, those wrongs must be corrected. Here’s the “but”… I’ve not heard one NPR story that mentioned the burning of a 60-unit building by rioters, which […]

My son won’t be a victim.

Jevon Heyliger Washington, DC My son is 2 years old and I refuse to believe he’ll grow up on a world full of George Zimmermans. I refuse to believe that being a black male will be an albatross around his neck. I have to believe this. His generation has to be better than us.

Multiple assaults by young African-Americans, fear.

Will Parksley, VA As the victim of two assaults by African-American youth, both violent punches to the back of my head, one after I had made a conscious decision not to cross the street because I wouldn’t have done that if they were white children, I have learned my lesson. I know this is racist, […]

Black leaders belittle their own race

Nancyann Irvin St. Helens, OR I would find it insulting if I were constantly told I was a helpless victim and could not do anything to improve my lot. As a woman I grew up in a time when women did not do certain things because they were incapable. I was not allowed to go […]

Collective black PTSD escalates perceived conflict.

Anonymous Dallas, TX As a teenager, I was a victim of an assault. For many years thereafter, I carried weapons. Whenever I spoke to anyone about the event, they’d suggest that I seek counseling — which I resented — because I was wanting their support against the aggressor. But no amount of “justice” heals the […]

But, Sir, I’m the victim here.

Roberta Leichnitz Montevallo, AL The events in Florida have brought back so many memories of the things that would happen to my son and his friends in San Antonio when he was in high school. Stopped for “driving while Mexican” in the “wrong” neighborhood, among others. The icing on the cake was when he was […]