Just call me a human being

Rocio Tapia, Forest Park, GA. Being from Mexico, I do not have any sense of race. I know what I am and do not identify with any of the categories listed when I am asked about my race or ethnicity, so I often leave it blank or choose “Other” if I am pressed to select […]

The “N” word hurts all of us

Jay McCord Virginia Beach, VA I have worked as an actor and music video producer for over a decade and I am always uncomfortable when someone uses the N word in any context regardless of the originator. To me it continually ties our generation to the horrors of the countries past. Like Maya Angelou said […]

White men get to FAIL UP!

Tina Williams Phoenixville, PA This is a great project. I need more than 6 words. Do not judge me by the color of my lips but by what comes out of my LIPS! Say it loud I Black and I am Proud! Lyrics from James Brown’s “Say It Loud—I’m Black and I’m Proud“

Justice, it’s a one word prayer

Anonymous Quoted from- “Justice” by Ziggy Marley Justice, people say, justice Justice, brother say, justice Judge me if I am weak Judge me if I am strong Judge my days and all life long They let the baby cry, let the mama cry And youths like I and I have to cry For justice, one, […]