The Hiroshimas were good Americans.

Ken Prestwich, Worcester, MA. The Hiroshima family included my first friends growing up on a small farm just outside of LA (they had one too) in the early 50s — the parents, like so many where we lived, had been interred during the war. They were fine people; a second family to me (I am […]

Not accountable for ancestors actions

Noah McDonald, Warren, PA It’s time to get over it! Before you point your finger at me, and call me a racist! Don’t forget there are three of your own pointing back at you! I won’t be held responsible for my ancestors actions! Educate yourself! Look at history. Every race, religion, and creed has been […]

Your German parents started the war

Janice Cooper, MN. My newly married parents immigrated to the U.S. from Germany via Ellis Island during the mid 50’s to follow the American Dream. Growing up in small town Michigan and attending Catholic school, my younger brother and I were constantly accused of being Nazis during our grade school years. Even though my parents […]

Their war is now our battle

Drew Powell Bangor, ME When the American Civil War ended 150 years ago, slavery was abolished in the United States, and the war between whites and blacks was seemingly over. But, a statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Although the war on slavery was over, there remained a nationwide tension between white people and […]

Constant conversation with my radical mom.

Alexis Danzig New York City, NY Manhattan This exhibit moved me to tears. I am so proud of the Brooklyn Museum, delighted to see the work of my college art teacher, May Stevens! I was wishing I could share the experience with my mother, Naomi Danzig. My mother was born into the modern Jewish orthodox […]

As significant as an eye color.

Troy Mills, Iowa City, IA This quote is inspired by my fellow islander Bob Marley, who truly predicted war until a persons race is of no more significant than the color of their eyes. War lyrics What life has taught me I would like to share with Those who want to learn… Until the philosophy […]