German, Irish, Italian. Still Classified White

Nicole Miller Highland, CA Because I am German, does that Make me a Nazi??? Why do I always have to be related to Hitler??? People are cruel. Regardless of whether they know they are being cruel or not… I catch myself judging by race sometimes. I don’t mean to do it but the stereotypes are […]

Blacks shot brother; Mexican driver, sister.

Curt Lyons Fort Collins, CO My father lost two children to violent deaths, when I was young, and it wasn’t until I was older that I appreciated that he didn’t seem to hold any racial grudges. His racism was the relatively benign type of his generation, which assumptions that all black people liked watermelon and […]

Watermelon on black colleague’s desk. 2012!

Anonymous Eugene, OR This was done as a practical joke. The most frequent question I have heard is not about why someone would do this, but how on earth someone could think this was funny. My generation is in their thirties, and living on the West Coast I have sometimes needed to explain the history […]