Blacks beat me, I forgave them

Bob d West Chester, PA It happened in the summer of ’68. I was alone at a concert at the city stadium in Glen Cove, NY. There was chanting, black kids -some of them friends from school- surrounded me and I was beaten unconscious. It wasn’t personal. Dr. King had been murdered, it was summertime, […]

Well-educated, middle-aged WASP, and I’m poor.

Ian Eagleson, West Chester, PA. How could this have happened? It’s an embarrassment for all concerned. Once I was able to feel something other than the lash of humiliation, I began to feel something else. Something virtuous? Humility. Empathy. We are poor. Today there will be a hundred little cuts and a hundred little barriers […]

Too white for my own good.

Lauren Qualters, West Chester, PA. For my race card project I chose the phrase “Too white for my own good” which is most certainly a true statement, in both humerous and negative ways. I am certainly very sterotypically “white” but not in an intentional or discriminatory way. My traits are my own and they embody […]