I feel uncomfortable with you here.

Terrie, East Palo Alto, CA. Soon after moving to an exciting silicon valley in the first years of the internet boom, it felt like anything was possible in this new world. I was invited by a friend to a party given by a start-up founder, held at his home. We arrived separately from my friend […]

Black. Cuban. Both. Are you sure?

Guinevere Thomas New Haven, CT So many times I often get the “what are you mixed with?” question. Like any Black person from the Americas, I am well aware I have European, and Indigenous roots, but my roots are the most deeply rooted from Africa. Growing up in a Cuban home, I shared my culture […]

But you don’t look Puerto Rican…

Paul David Mena Wayland, MA As if a Puerto Rican can’t be fair-skinned, middle-class and college-educated! Granted, I was raised by parents who looked for a life as far away from their Depression-era upbringing in Brooklyn as possible. They found it further east in suburban Long Island, where I grew up with zero consciousness of […]

Racism does not exist without you.

Stacey Van Buskirk Ann Arbor, MI If you choose to treat everyone equal, racism would not exist in your world. The only person you can control is yourself. You can control how you react and how you act in terms of racism. Treat everyone equal and ignore people who treat you less than that. One […]

I don’t hate who you hate

Ann H. Baltimore, MD I am always amazed and mostly saddened that people will use slurs or other hateful speech and assume I agree with them. “What can you expect…”?, “those #$% are buying up all the stores and gas stations”. I am so glad to have reached the age where I no longer let […]