Race separates: it should unite us.

Elizabeth M Shontz Parker, NM I was on a murder trial several years ago. This is serious business and if there is not enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, there will be no conviction. Zimmerman should never have been charged in the first place. He acted within the parameters of Florida law which a clueless […]

For whites, it’s just a debate.

Charles R. Owens Pasadena, CA As a white person, I can talk about the Zimmerman trial, with all of its nuances, then move onto another topic or go about my day. For black people, the feelings must be visceral, and I believe the anger and frustration are always there.

Blacks kill blacks daily in Sanford

Dave Brown Vero Beach, FL I heard about the Race Card Project on NPR last Tuesday night. The topic of the Zimmerman shooting in Sanford was brought up for discussion. I’m not sure of the exact number but I think I read that there were seventeen shootings in Sanford in January of 2013. There is […]