I talk the walk too much!

Piece-Pot-3Eric Wall,
Kent, WA.

I was fortunate to be part of an integrated busing program all through elementary school. I went to college and got a master’s degree in Multicultural Education. I still spend too much time talking the talk and not walking the walk. Fully understanding the impact of Race is truly a life long journey.

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  1. Dayton Waters says:

    Forced busing IS systemic racism, as is affirmative action. You do not make people equal by taking from one group to give to another. Equality is about opportunity, not outcomes. I was force bused to their schools and I learned there. Why wasn’t that good enough for them? My mother chose a place for us to live that was virtually crime-free, yet I was forced into the inner city where I was beaten because of the color of my skin by people who CHOSE not to succeed in their neighborhood school. Why would anyone think they would succeed in my neighborhood school? Did I succeed in their school because I’m white or because i refused to be a victim? I know that our cultural dogma denies the existence of “reverse racism” because it can’t be racism without power and whites have all the power. Well, I have had to overcome being white in a culture where I am presumed racist simply because I’m white. Racism isn’t a one-way street that runs from white to black. Justice isn’t automatically claiming that white is wrong.

    I believe in the words of Dr. King. But the inherent responsibility in demanding that all be judged by the content of one’s character is accepting that you will be judged by that character and the color of your skin does not grant you a pass for having NO character.

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