Teach Alaskans not to be racist

Linden Montague
Anchorage, AK

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6 Responses to "Teach Alaskans not to be racist"
  1. Michael Sawyer49 says:

    You have the same ignorance & generalization attitude as any other racist person. Alaska is a diverse state, like the other 49. Not a racist persona, I am ‘Alaska’.

    • Validemail says:

       Racists aren’t “ignorant,” Mikey, they’re educated and know the difference between White people, who are actually civilized humans, and Negroes or Arabs, who are descended from non-Adamic peoples created prior to Adam.  As your hero, Darwin, points out, they are closer to apes and chimpanzees than humans.  Nothing to do with “ignorance” or “generalization attitude,” whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean.  Wake up and get a clue, you dumb asshole.

      • Michael Sawyer49 says:

        Congrats, ‘Validemail’, you’re an idiot. I enjoy your assumptions about me. If you had any courage you would add your name, but then again people like you are a sad lot. Since you can’t, I’ll keep calling out ‘those’ racist & ignorant people such as yourself. Seig heil, you big, tough, pathetic man.

      • Tony Barron says:

        Well, (in) valid, some of us Evolved from a common ancestor with the apes and some of us, such as yourself, DEvolved.

      • Caron says:

        All I can say is Wow, I must have missed that lesson when I was getting my Masters in Nursing and while getting my BA in Speech Communciations.  Just how educated are you actually? It more sounds like you had a limited education from a Nazi group.

      • Chednut says:

        Again with the name-calling. “Non-Adamic” peoples? What the..?? Where can I find out more about this? Just like “New Math” this must be “New Science”. Are you suggesting that there were people before Adam and Eve and only those direct decendents of Adam (read Whites) got the “Education”? If so, it is my contention that, while all racists are not ignorant, you are.

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