Teach the truth….THE WHOLE TRUTH!

image6M. D. K. C.,
Deep South, USA.

At some point in history, the powers that be thought it best to skew history. I’m sure the reasoning for this is very obvious. In my schools years, 89-current, we are not being taught the whole truth. Why? Whose agenda does this fit? Why were children not told about black slave owners? Why was nothing ever mentioned about the white and oriental slaves? Why were they left out of history? What purpose did it serve the black populace to lie about whites kidnapping them? Why were students not told that African tribe leaders sold their own? Why were southern slave owners not compensated for their loss of property? After all, many other countries paid their slave owners. Why wasn’t it explained that southerners of all races fought willingly for the Confederacy? Why is my heritage under attack when the truth is hidden from most people? Why are white children being publicly shamed on a mass scale via the “white privilege” indoctrination? Because a white woman said it was so in the late 80s? Really?There are only more questions. We are responsible for our own education. We are obligated to know the real history of our great nation, yet it is kept hidden from us.

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  1. Stacy Lucking says:

    I don’t know what books you read but white people write the history books for the US. Most recently McGraw-Hill printed books that called enslaved black people migrant workers so if you really have an issue with the truth, it starts in your community.

    I grew up knowing that Europeans tried to enslaved everyone. African folks just happened to be the strongest and so therefore subject to the most abuse.

    I don’t understand the relevance of you trying to bring up black slave owners. Americans are capitalist. Race does not matter when it comes to making money. That should be obvious and one evil does not wash away another.

    400 years is how long the TransAtlantic slave trade lasted. Jim Crow ended in the 50s and we are supposed to believe all those white people, KNOWING of a history where they didn’t have to work and benefitted off others WHILE DOING NOTHING, are we really supposed to believe all white people are really happy about the freedoms others have now? I’m not that naive. I know all Americans, especially white Americans do not want to be wage slaves.

    You bring up these questions that should really be answered by your community. Even if the president if black, your community runs things so if you think something is a way, remember who makes it that way. Minority people aren’t even 50% of the US population yet so you guys still have a chance to things back to where whites intended.

  2. Why are you wasting your time repeating the same old false talking points?

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