Teaching History to White Graduate Students

image4 (3)Collette M. Bloom,
Houston, TX.

It is a wondrous and wonderful experience to see the “AHA” moment appear on White students faces when they finally understand about tragedy and waste of chattel slavery. Many were quite distressed about the willingness of so many to collude in developing the Black Codes of the South. Statutory inhumanity has eroded this nation’s compassion for one another over time as we still live with the vestiges of the Civil War today.
I believe that learning about the other stories in American history creates fertile spaces for discussion about an American dream deferred.

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4 Responses to "Teaching History to White Graduate Students"
  1. Cyrus BIshop says:

    Make sure that you are teaching them historical context at the same time. It is a slippery slope to judge all of history through the eyes of today. With our different thoughts, morals, situations..etc.. it would be a a misrepresentation of history to do so.

    • tacco says:

      My 9 year old daughter will do something wrong and then when I confront her about it, she will quickly point out the fact that her 4 year old brother did something wrong too.

  2. lolajl says:

    Make sure you also teach them about the black Creoles in Louisiana who also owned slaves. And make sure you also teach them about Africans who were all too willing to hand over defeated enemies and inconvenient relatives over to slavers (some of them Arabs) for money and weapons. I hear that many Africans don’t really like descendants of these people who ended up in the United States.

    • tacco says:

      Read my response to Cyrus. Your reasoning is nothing more than what most every child comes up with when confronted with an issue.

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