The color with advantage is green.

Saranne Hartley
Columbus, OH

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3 Responses to "The color with advantage is green."
  1. JMB_372 says:

    Yes it is! I’ve entered my card a couple of times but it hasn’t posted yet and this is what I said there. I listen to non-whites talk about the way they are treated and I’ve been treated the same. Since I’m white, it seems to be elitism. I’m sure there is some racism and my experience is that a lot of it is elitism.
    The elites think all non-elites of any color should be their slaves. They will enslave you or me if we let them.

  2. olblue9 says:

    Same for me and a lot of “white” people that I know. I hear a lot about how I owe African Americans because slavery existed, yet only the rich owned slaves. Most of the rich slave owner families were born and educated in the north, living at their plantations when it was too cold in the north. Check your historic records. No matter what color I am, only green will allow me to enter certain private communities today just like always.

  3. Robert says:

    Affirmative action supporters go on and on about how Blacks are “disadvantaged” as if the beneficiaries of affirmative action are the Blacks who live in the ghetto. They are not.

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