The Confederate Flag symbolizes racism…? YES!

Liberty Boersen
Holland, MI

The confederate flag is basically a “punch in the face” to African Americans….

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6 Responses to "The Confederate Flag symbolizes racism…? YES!"
  1. Kelvin Scruggs says:

    I have to disagree with you on that. Most people don’t even know what the Confederate Flag looks like much less think it symbolizes racism. I have attached an image of the Confederate Flag. I think you have the Confederate flag mixed up with another flag.

    • barry irving says:

      ..American flags have a variety of appearances depending on the period of history.

    • UR MUMZIE says:

      The Confederate flag symbolizes the Confederate side of the Civil War. The Confederate side of the Civil War supported slavery. That is why it is insulting.

  2. barry irving says:

    The First Lady of the South was most likely a Quadroon or Octoroon.
    Mulatto’s 9 1/2 African and 1/2 European still look African overall.

    …Quadroon is European parent and Bi Racial parent…who passes for White.

    …Octoroon is one European Parent, one Bi Racial Parent and one or more mixed African or White / European Grandparents. These are archaic terms, but IMO, she would have had to pass for White / European which wouldmake her genetically mostly European.

    …White as a term is ambiguous meaning Race, culture, nationality, or ethnicity…to discuss these ethnic terms honestly, both sides have to understand the context of the term use!

  3. Merv Medina says:

    I don’t understand why worry about a flag? A look into history will show that the political machine was worst on slavery. The main parties of the time, used slavery for their political rhetoric. If you look back, you will find that the parties actually took sides on the slavery issue. What I don’t understand is, why aren’t these party affiliations held accountable? It is clear that one party always wanted to hold people back, while the other fought for liberty, freedom and justice. Today is no different, but the sheeple only react to the surface issues without researching and digging into the underlying facts. If that flag is your issue, you have more problems then you think you do.

    • olblue9 says:

      Further discussion on this reply will do more toward resolving racial tensions that focusing on the “Confederate Battle flag”. This is a flag that was used during the Civil War battles after it was realized that the national flags of the north and south were too similar while in action.
      After the war it was relegated to use by the Veterans and Daughters of Confederate Soldiers, etc. The KKK and right-wing political parties have used it to further their agenda, which has earned the reputation it has in the media today.
      Each state will go through the proper channels to remove the flag from official state property, just like they did to install it was back at the time of the 100 year anniversary of the War.
      Over the years, the flag has grown to represent many things to many people, (not unlike religion to some). Therefore, the separation of church and state argument should apply.
      The flag should still be displayed in historic museum’s, reenactment’s, and by any private citizen. After all this is still America, too much blood has been spilled not to allow this simple freedom. Any person that displays any flag should expect a discussion, otherwise why would you fly any flag at all?
      With, the flag flap resolved, can’t we get back to the job of joining all of us together to solve social issues that we all have in common! For example the “Corporations are People” law has and will do more damage to us all than any flag in history. Where is the media machine of old to help protect the people from this type of terrorist?

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