The fight was won. Move on.


We’re living in a post-civil rights world. Legal equality has been achieved. The continued focus on race differences only serves to further divide us. Let’s move together into a future where people (white and black) have to stand on their own merits without using race as a crutch or an excuse. Continue to fight poverty and work to lift people up to a better life, but do it in a way that is completely colorblind.

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3 Responses to "The fight was won. Move on."
  1. katie says:

    I agree. A good start would be to scrap affirmative action.

  2. AConcernedBlackMan says:

    The race boxes should all be changed to one entry, Human.

  3. Mari says:

    I couldn’t agree less. We’re not living in a post-civil rights world since the LGBT community still doesn’t have the right to marry. And that doesn’t take into account other countries which deny basic civil rights to native populations. Getting back to race in America, why is it that minorities are consistently arrested at higher rates & given longer sentences than white people that are guilty of the same crimes? Why are hispanic immigrants & Arabs scapegoats for our nation’s problems? Changing laws doesn’t change the minds of common Americans & the people who implement our laws. It would be great if we could be a post-racial society that is colorblind, but that’s not at all how the world is. We are leagues away from such a world.

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