The unwashed blood on America’s Hands.

Elliott W.
Silver Spring, MD

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2 Responses to "The unwashed blood on America’s Hands."
  1. Danish and Proud says:

    This is the mindset that drives me CRAZY – not all of AMERICA was even here during the times of our past when slavery other racial atrocities occured – my poor white family came to the US to escape German oppression and prosecution during the World War – we had nothing to do with the past – we lived on a dirt poor farm and I never even met a minority until I entered the service – so I ask what unwashed blood is on my families hands??


      Ok, so your family wasn’t here durning the time of slavery, but they were here durning Jim Crow, KKK, lynching so on and so forth. Why are you lumping yourself in on this anyway? You said it yourself, you’re an immigrant. Oh yes, America has unwashed blood on her hands, and perhaps, just maybe, the statement is not for you and your family. So relax.

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