Their children will have “good” hair.

Raleigh, NC

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9 Responses to "Their children will have “good” hair."
  1. Tokopah says:

    What is “good” hair?  If your hair is naturally curly, you want it straight.  If your hair is naturally straight, you want it curly.  If your hair is black, you want to be blond.  If your hair is blond, you want it brown.  If …

  2. JustLR says:

    When I was a child, we were called “colored”.  My parents told me to sleep in a stocking cap so that my hair would be nice and straight .  The deleterious impact on my emotional development, self-perception and acceptance remains an ever-present struggle, not just about how I look, but even more so about who I am. 

  3. MainManJoe says:

    When you’re born, you’re pink, when you grow up you’re white, when you’re
    cold and when you’re sick you’re blue, and when you die you’re
    green.  And white people dare call black people colored.

  4. Littlun says:

    If hair is styled correctly, it always looks good. Not everyone has learned to style their natural hair for it to look its best, and these are the people who attach themselves to the concept of “good hair” because it allows them to shift the blame.

    • Validemail says:

       Ah, the old “blame shifter” routine again…see how that works? 

      You’re brilliant.  Fucking brilliant.

  5. Charlie J says:

    There is n ot such thing as “Good Hair’!  All hair is good hair!

  6. Lindalajara says:

    I learned about the good hair a long time ago. My babygirl, with longcurly hair, is about to be six….she just this weekend told me she is glad to have the “good hair”, I am not sure where ahe learned it because shw syqtes down thw same hurdles of “ethnic” hair and being darker than most in her own family.

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