There is only one race: HUMAN.

Sheila Calhoun
Ann Arbor, MI

I married an anthropologist and truly believe this. Our children have always listed Human on forms when asked.

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  • J

    I’d like to preface your six words with “On Earth…” and add as supporting evidence: Vulcan, Sontaran, Klingon, Raxacoricofallapatorius.

  • doesntfixit

    “Colorblind”, much?

  • foodisgood

    that’s stupid, and homogenizing. we are all different. we should acknowledge our differences.

  • JK

    Indeed there is only one race or sapien subspecies. However, there are societal created constructs and many ethnic groups. I hate identity politics and refuse to identify as some bogus ‘white/black’ bullsh!t. These terms were codified by the 1930 U.S. Census so as to continue to divide and conquer citizens and keep competing monopolies organizing against Corporatist-Govt-Banker monopoly. Also, politicians need to know which groups and where to pander and lie to voters during campaigns. And major media outlets love to perpetuate racial strive for ratings and profit.

    Race is NOT skin color, phenotype nor is it a socio-political term. If you think it is socio-political, then what is the social/political ideology? The socio-political usage is a massive American DELUSION. Obama has no slavery connection and chose to be self-identified as ‘black’ and religious for political expedience. Obama knows he never would be elected if his true atheist views went public.

    Obama is genetically Irish-american/Luo Kenyan. Most average american blacks are 70-90% West African/10-30% European/ 1-4% Native.

    Wake up Sheeple.

    • Sara Parker

      Well said! I learned something new!!

      • Jacob

        I hope you didn’t take this bs to heart.

      • JK


        Notice the racialists are unable to define the so-called ‘white race’ or any race in nonarbitrary, scientific terms independent of sampling.

        • White Light

          Notice the colorists are unable to define the so-called ‘red color’ or any race in nonarbitrary, scientific terms independent of sampling.

          • Jacob

            Red is the neck color of an inbred, pig raping, american idiot, that is being outbred by all other coloreds.

  • Aislin

    Education wasted on your husband. Of course were all human. Race doesn’t refer to the species. It’s not the simplified black and white either but there are distinct white, black, Asian, brown races. Races who take pride in their differences. This post is somewhat offensive in how it tries to be morally superior while trying to destroy the uniqueness of people across the world.

    • Jacob

      I know right? They probably have mixed race children and they’re ashamed they don’t have a specific race. Or maybe they’re so mixed they don’t know what they are. Or this lady is just ashamed of her race. Reading garbage; a great way to start the morning.
      95% Germanic White, 5% Slavic White, and 100% percent proud!
      DNA test can tell exactly what race people are. But, oh, of course there’s no race to people who try to take political correctness to the next extreme level.

      • brynn

        Political correctness without intention is mob mentality. (not contradicting you, I understand what you’re saying)

        • Jacob

          You get the point across better with that. So what a Politically correct mob mentality? Well, whatever it is it’s everywhere and it’s stupid. I see people so afraid to call a black man ‘black’ that they will label them African American even if they were born in Europe. And now it’s a bad thing for people to take pride in their race.

          • brynn

            Politically correct mob mentality is the hip thing to be a part of if you don’t allow yourself to learn why something is politically correct. There is no intention, just the thought of covering yourself so you don’t come off looking bad.

          • Jacob

            I see what your saying. And I’m sure she means well, it’s just frustrating to see people act like recognizing our differences, god forbid celebrating them, is a bad thing. At least they do in the USA. More power to the black and white Americans who discover their African/European/mixed heritage. It’s nice to see blacks collecting African tribal trinkets same with whites collecting whatever European heritage. That they view themselves as more than the American black/white. Which is usually translated into slave owner descendants/ slave descendants. Never mind that many blacks and whites here descended from neither.

          • Davidski

            Perhaps in your cynical, supreme pretentiousness you will explain to all the readers the exact number of all races and the separation lines of these races with DNA.

            Best Wishes Genius

          • Jason

            No one knows exactly how many different species there are. That doesn’t mean species doesn’t exist.

          • Jacob

            Well let me lower my ‘cynical, supremely pretentious’ a$$ to answer you.
            Google it.
            Google is how most idiots get their info, correct? I’m sure it would work well for you.

  • God

    There are races of human as there are breeds of dog.

    • Katayani

      That is scientifically incorrect. There is only one race of sapien or human currently. Our DNA is 99.999999999 percent the same whereas a chimp and human s 97 percent whereas a husky and a terrier might be around 90 percent the same.

  • brynn

    This sounds like erasure. Nationalism and racism are two opposite sides of the race card that perpetuate a message that isn’t loving, but not allowing others to express themselves through the lens of their race or ethnicity is dismissive. If one is part of the cultural “in-group,” it is harder to see why being “colorblind” is not okay.

    • JK

      I agree. This “I don’t see race” thing is just another way to dismiss a person’s experiences as part of a race. Racism is still present and so long as it is, no matter how made up and fictional you think the concept is it has real implications and denying it is denying the abuse and injustices people face because of their race.

  • Nick Gurstincas

    I am currently reading “The History and Geography of Human Genes” by Cavalli-Sforza, Menozzi and Piazza.

    Is there such a thing as “human races”, and if so how many ?

    I would like to summarize here my views on “human races” based on this book and other readings.

    Some people argue that there is only one human race there is full interfertility between humans. Scientifically speaking, this means that humans are a single species. The term “race” is ambiguous as it has been given different meanings by different people. Dogs are a single species, but divided in distinctive races. Humans are not so clearly divided because of more numerous interbreeding and mixing through
    migrations, invasions or colonisations. In other words “cross-breeds” have mostly replaced “pure breeds” among humans.

    As Darwin said, human races “graduate into each others” and “are not sufficiently distinct to inhabit the same country without fusion”.

    Yet, there are undeniable physical differences between a Swede, a Saudi, a Congolese, a Japanese, and an aborigenal Australian. It is true that gradation exist between all of them, and if they don’t, children born from intermarriages will create these gradations.

    The spectrum of races

    This is why I compare humanity to a spectrum of colours. There are potentially an infinity of colours, although our senses only allow us todistinguish a limited number (a few millions, I believe) with more or less accuracy. Yet the richest language’s vocabulary has hardly a few hundreds words to describe colours, and not more than a dozen is used in daily usage. Everybody can distinguish red from blue or from yellow.
    But it is not always easy to decide whether a colour is orange or red. That is because we use just a few words to describe millions of variations. The same is true with humans. Every individual is physically different. Differences are caused by the genes, hormonal changes, the environment, climate, food, mode of living, relations to others, etc.

    The only thing that matters when comparing human “races” are the genes. But as individuals from the same family already have different genes, it could be argued that there are as many “races” as their are individuals. This is highly impractical, and if we did this for everything, we wouldn’t have enough words for every colour, every difference piece of furniture, or just anything that doesn’t look alike to our eyes. Taxonomists have tried to classify variations of human genes into a small number of categories, but common classifications give anything between 3 and 600 races. It is clearly arbitrary and depends on the personal preference of taxonomists to “lump” or “split”.

  • Trayvon+Black Satan anal

    There are Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Australoid, Vedoid, Eskimoid, Khosanoid & Americanoid human races and three missing links to primitive apes: Pygmoids, Negroids & Congoids.

    Now as liberals we have to take care of our lesser cousins because they lack the culture and sophistication of our superior intellect.

    Our lesser pets keeper so to speak.

    • charmain

      don’t be an ass and show it! Caucasoid, and other races came from the same race you are calling primitive ape. all the intellect you stole from Africa. you all came last. you all were locked away in caves dumb all those races you are calling out are biraces Caucasoid came from a genetic mutation of albinism pheomelinin the only way for Caucasian to go to the top is for you keep down other races Charles Darwin was in denial of human coming from Africa, he rather accept human came from monkey rather than accept we all came from the black man.


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