There used to be only four

Manuel J Bascuas
Miami, FL

In school, many years ago, I was taught that they were four: white, black, yellow and red.
According to some government forms, now we have Spanish, Latinos, Asians, etc.
They confused country of origin and/or cultural background with race.
Under our skins we are all the same.

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  • anonymous

    When I was in school, fifth grade, there was caucasian, africoid, or mongoloid. I remember taking a test and the teacher said everyone should have marked caucasian except for one person. That one person was me, I was supposed to mark mongoloid. I still remember this almost 30 years later.

    I’m still not sure how to feel about it. I’m a mutt, raised in predominantly white, working class, Christian community. I was never aware of being treated differently or perceived differently, until I went to work in the city when so many made assumptions based on how I look. I’ve been spoken to in languages that are not mine. Spanish speaking people become angry when I answer in English until they learn I’m not Latina. I’ve been told I’m Chinese, I’m rich because I look white, I’m Korean, etc.

    It’s a shame people are so quick to judge others before even saying hello.

  • Randy1x

    Actually there were 3 (Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid)

  • Randy1x

    People don’t know the difference nowadays between, ethnicity, nationality and race. They just say whatever they have been conditioned to think by those that were limited in their thinking. 

  • Rob Robinson

    When I am asked race I usually reply “Human”; the truth, of course, is that race is a designation created to keep us apart, not remind us of how we are one.  The genetic command that creates skin pimentation coloring is the same for eye color; silly, isn’t it?  What if we lumped people together by eye color?  Whole families would be separated. 


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