Time for America’s new color, HUMAN!

FB_IMG_1437456513241 (1)Thomas Lloyd,
Fair Oaks, CA.

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  • Audrey Fischer

    whenever we talk about race we should just call ourselves human and HONESTLY RECOGNIZE EVERYONE ELSE AS EQUALS

    • MI33O3

      Equals in what?

  • Kenneth Wang

    It sucks that racism is subconsciously in every human. That is probably the only thing preventing us from achieving the your idea.

    • Canary

      Blacks are subconsciously racist also. Raised that way just like white. Blacks are more like wome, raised to hate themselves.

  • barry irving

    …maybe you should have had some African, Asian, Aboriginal, Indian, Hispanic kids or people in that picture to show…um, you know…the HUMAN Family? – notjustyours???…just a thought, hey did you chime in on the Oscar situation?


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