Tired of feeling white guilt

Ben Capaul,

My ancestors were Swiss immigrants to Wisconsin in the 1920’s. I’m as white as you can get. My 80 year old grandparents love my black girlfriend. But I get dirty looks and hushed whispers at her all black family gatherings. I always worry that black people will somehow see me as a racist, even when my black girlfriend is at my side holding my hand. I’m tired of feeling guilty for something neither me nor my family were involved with.

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4 Responses to "Tired of feeling white guilt"
  1. harued says:

    Reverse racism does occur..

    • Mateusz82 says:

      There is no such thing as reverse racism. There is only racism. Calling it “reverse racism” when the victim is the wrong color only legitimizes it. Racism against white people by black people is as heinous, no more nor less, than racism against black people by white people.

      • harued says:

        Well, I think the term was developed because “racism” is usually geared toward the minorities. In any case, this is not to say that one is worse than the other because both are terrible human creations.

  2. Chiquita Biddle says:

    Those are some stupid, dumb “black” people who have failed lives surrounding around false “black traditions”. They are so stuck in the same lack of self growth loop that they have yet to date outside their so called “race” study their true history others history and most of the time those types lack self love. They really don’t’ even love who they are that’s why they have such a problem. I can date who I want and be with whom I want as long as the love is real. Most people don’t think this way. Most of these types are the dysfunctional undesirable throw aways with the most issues! Thank God your lady at one of em! Those types are a handful!

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