No touching her hair, always mine

Maggie Whitman
Boston, MA

My African-American friend freaks out whenever anyone asks to touch or play with her hair, but she is always coming up and playing with my hair (and other white women’s hair) without asking. I don’t want to say anything… but it seems hypocritical.

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2 Responses to "No touching her hair, always mine"
  1. ked44 says:

    Say something!

  2. Mary says:

    White and Blacks in America are not on the same level. Mainstream culture looks at Black people’s hair as weird/foreign/unmanageable/unnatural, etc. All of those are false and very racist. My boyfriend deals with a lot of that, too, as well as his sister. They do not appreciate and are not OK with white people asking to touch it. So, it’s important to remember these two groups of people, because of hundreds of years of history, are not mutually exclusive.

    BUT if you don’t like that she plays with your hair, you should say something, without comparing your situation to hers; they’re not the same. And in America, they will never be.

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