I trusted adults that taught hate.

Stan Pitts
Anchorage, AK

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and was 10 years old during the fateful year 1963. My father was a Birmingham Police officer terribly conflicted between upholding the law and the treatment of the civil rights participants. My trusted adults and role models, the church leaders, scout masters, and teachers, taught me that while “all men are created equal” and that “Jesus loved the little children of the world”, it really meant white men and white children. I didn’t have a black classmate until high school, and my last two years were wracked by school-wide violence, especially during sporting events. I didn’t realize I was a racist until I was drafted and exposed to new people and ideas. I struggled with prejudice until my daughter married a black man. He is a wonderful person, husband and father and they have been happily married for twelve years. I asked my daughter why she married him, knowing the difficulties of bi-racial relationships, especially where she lives in Texas. To my surprise, she said that I had taught her to respect and care about all people, and that’s what she did. I cried.

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10 Responses to "I trusted adults that taught hate."
  1. pbl says:

    The adults were right. People who take any talk about equality seriously are mere naifs.Civilization is a matter of Volk-und-Reich and always has been.

  2. Taylor says:

    Beautiful. You were able to turn around what you were taught promote acceptance and better your daughter’s life. Well done.

  3. FransSusan says:

    I grew up in Alabama, too….not far from Birmingham. I was NEVER taught hate of anything by anyone. My family was no different than any other in 50s & 60s Alabama. Everyone in my family and everyone else of my acquaintance at that time had a live and let live mentality about everything. Life was a struggle for all. We did the best we could with resources we had; worked diligently to be successful; suffered the same slings and arrows of outrageous fortune as everyone else; didn’t bother anyone of any race; and didn’t hate anyone. All this nonsense about hate is just government and media propaganda designed to foment hatred of whites by blacks. I don’t care what happened to blacks in the past. It is passed and time for all of them to stop the never-ending blame whitey and accept responsibility for themselves.

    • Dubbie5 says:

      I think you might want to reconsider your stance on having never being taught hate by anyone.

      Racism is not only the KKK and hateful words. It is the white man with a criminal record being more likely to get a job than an equally qualified black man without one. It is young black boys being sent to prison for crimes en masse for crimes that young white boys receive slaps on the wrist for. It is people saying “I just don’t think that black women are attractive,” when black women come in all shapes and sizes and faces and personalities, so what they’re really saying is “I don’t think blackness is attractive.”

      It is white people fleeing cities rather than live next to black people and refusing to let their tax dollars go to the less fortunate. It is those same peoples’ sons and daughters moving back in to those same city neighborhoods forty years later because they’re cheap and cool, gentrifying them and driving up rent so that the people of color can no longer afford to live in the neighborhood that the white man said was theirs.

      It has not “passed.” It is all around you, every day, still to this day and you refuse to see it because it would mean confronting the possibility that maybe you yourself are complicit in perpetuating it. It is your outrage that black people are mad at white people rather than being outraged that the white people have done the things worth being mad at. It is the shrill cries that say being called a racist is just as bad as being the victim of racism.

      I think you were taught plenty of hate. I think I was, too. I think our brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and friends and cousins and neighbors have been taught hate for years.

      I think we can unlearn what we’ve been taught if we open our eyes, and make things better for people of every hue and color. But first we need to admit that there is a problem.

      Open your eyes. Help fix the problem. Come join us.

      • FransSusan says:

        No, you’re so wrong. The things you mention
        have nothing to do with whites being ‘taught to hate.’ The conditions you mention exist because of blacks’ behavior and attitudes, and your blaming whites is a huge part of the problem. We haven’t been taught anything that needs to be unlearned. You’ve been brainwashed to believe the
        propaganda that a corrupt government and the race hustlers want you to believe, that whites are the cause of blacks’ dysfunction. Whites did not cause anything. If you’re white, I guess you feel noble by wanting to accept blame for everything negative that exists in black culture today, but it’s not hate by whites or anything else that whites do or
        did that cause black dysfunction. You have a very naïve
        attitude and it is very harmful!

        • Dubbie5 says:

          “Whites did not cause anything”?

          Whites caused three hundred years of slavery and then a hundred years of Jim Crow. That’s nothing? Or are you foolish enough to believe that the meager changes we’ve made are enough to undo all of that?

          And you have the nerve to blame “blacks’ behavior and attitudes” for a culture that for four hundred years saw an entire race as inferior because of the color of their skin?

          This is asinine. You are literally blaming the victims. If there is black anger at white people, it’s because we’ve fucked them over for centuries – and still do, to this day.

          You aren’t convincing me you were never taught to hate. Quite the opposite.

          • TMore says:

            Dubbie – consider the idea that FransSusan has a point about today, the here and now. No rational person argues that hate/ignorance didn’t exist towards black people in ways not common with other races. But it’s 2014, and while there are bigots of all sorts of persuasions, at least in my corner of the world I don’t see any one group “hated” more than others.

            Lastly, the last two paragraphs of your post should have set off an alarm in your head while you typed them out, and that this didn’t happen is instructive. Read what you wrote there again – hopefully it’ll become apparent how confused you are.

          • Dubbie5 says:

            And I am talking about today, the here and now. Are you really suggesting that a mere 50 years are enough to undo 400 years in which minorities of all colors were literally codified as inferior to white people by law?

            Racism isn’t just “hate” like you seem to think it is – it isn’t only the KKK.

            It’s white teens and black teens smoking marijuana at equal rates but black teens getting overwhelmingly harsher sentences in our criminal justice system. It’s a “white name” (eg Cooper Beckwith) and a “black name” (Tyrone Jones) sending identical resumes in to the same job, and the white man being overwhelmingly more likely to get called back.

            Wherever you look, racial injustice and white supremacy are still pretty much EVERYWHERE in this society once you stop being willfully blind to it.

            I reread those two paragraphs and stand by them. She is literally blaming the victims, e.g. suggesting that inequalities are somehow due to “blacks’ behavior” (as in, an entire race of people all behaves the same? absurd).

            You are allowed to get angry at someone who has had their boot on your neck for the past 450 years, even if in the last 50 they’ve taken a bit of the pressure off.

          • TMore says:

            The problem I have with your position is the notion that someone today is accountable for what someone ELSE did before they were even born. I’m talking about the personal level. There’s a difference between institutional bias, which is what you refer to and definitely exists (against more than just blacks as a group) and the hatred of past generations you seem to expect the right to retribution for.

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