TV people don’t look like us

Ana Artigas
Houston, TX

I am the child of an Italian-American mother and Spanish (from Spain) father, and I was born in Mexico. I am married to an American man of Dutch and British ancestry, We have friends in mixed race marriages. All of us have children, and there are very few TV programs, none for children, who show mixed marriages and their children. The eldest child (almost 10) of one of these families, AA father-Caucasian mother was telling us that other kids at his school did not believe his mom is white. There are no mixed-race kids/family on TV,

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3 Responses to "TV people don’t look like us"
  1. olblue9 says:

    Must not have basic cable.

  2. Medina-Merino says:

    Watch more HGTV…it is an orgy of fake “diversity”. I never knew so many Moroccan Buddhist, Vegan carpenters lived in Atlanta and hung-out at Home Depot waiting to do-over kitchens of Laotian Canadian super-models…

  3. Melanie says:

    Try watching Modern Family. It’s funny, original, and will probably satisfy some of your mixed family cravings.

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