Be twice as good as everyone.

100_0101Brandon Hopson,
Portsmouth, VA.

Sometimes as an African American, I feel as if I have to work twice as hard to top white people in order to achieve success.

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13 Responses to "Be twice as good as everyone."
  1. White Light says:

    Yep. It must be soooo hard.


    Any competent Black can easily succeed in this world.

    • JD says:

      Please contact Dr. Algernon Austin and discuss your article with him. I’m sure he can help you understand the facts underlying this young mans experiences and help reconcile them with the article.

      • White Light says:

        I have tried to contact people like him. Mostly they refuse to respond. I might try him though. I appreciate the work the EPI has done to destroy the lies of libertarian and corporatist politicians, even if they continue to peddle rigid liberal ideas on race.

  2. JD says:

    I’ve read plenty of articles and essays from many competent people saying that what you’re experiencing is not actually just a personal perception, there is truth behind it. As a successful white guys it makes me ashamed of all the lip-service being given to equal rights, yet very little tangible action being taken.

    I could ramble on about the generally impoverished state of many blacks and how that state alone stacks the cards against a person. I could also ramble on about other related matters. However Dr. Algernon Austin has done a much better analysis of these matters than I could ever hope to. I encourage all people of all races to read his analyses.

    • White Light says:

      Austin mainly focuses on the underclass. Most of the Blacks who whine on this website about Whitey are middle or upper class. The underclass has grievances such as being made victims of corporatist polices which destroy their economic opportunity for the working class. The grievances of the upper and middle class blacks are comical.

      • JD says:

        Are you saying you know most of the blacks posting on here, personally? Or are you saying that you’ve assumed that most of the blacks on here are upper middle class?

        • White Light says:

          Or are you saying that you’ve assumed that most of the blacks on here are upper middle class?

          I have commented more than anyone else on this site and most of the commenters implied they were upper or middle class. I don’t think getting that promotion at McDonalds was what the author of this card meant when he said he wanted to “achieve success.” Who do you “assume” reads The Economist? The working Joe? Unlike you, I have actually known real life working class people. If you think the Black commenters on this site are representative of the Black people I have some oceanfront property in Liberia to sell you.

          • JD says:

            Your volume of commenting is by no means a measure of your knowledge. I’ve read about 10 times as much as I’ve commented. Hardly anyone mentions economic status. They do, however, mention social and legal obstacles. And I did look at your comments. Every last one of them. You sir/mam, are a die hard racist, and proud of it.

            And like you, I’ve been in the “working class.” I know how hard it is. And I also know the racism that’s barely even concealed in the “working class.” So don’t tell me that it’s not as bad as the likes of Austin say it is. I’ve seen it myself. I still see it. It’s here. It’s a plague. It’s bad for everyone. It’s not just limited to the “working class.”

            As for the economic status of other posters, that’s hardly any reason to distrust what they say. They have very valid stories to tell. And when their stories point to an over arching social malaise, well, it stands to reason that fixing such a problem will be generally beneficial.

          • White Light says:

            Hardly anyone mentions economic status.

            No. They mention certain things that hint at what social class they are in. When I was in college…. On my trip to Europe…. In my job as a teacher….. When I’m with my Jewish friend…. I’m the only Black person at my workplace…..

            I simply do not see how a middle or upper class Black has to work twice as hard as everyone else to succeed Look at the numbers for SAT scores at the Ivy League universities.

  3. Truthseeker says:

    I respect this card. By writing this, you have made yourself vulnerable and that takes courage and strength. I am white, so I don’t know what you have gone through. Not to hijack your message, but I want to tell you that as a butch lesbian, I also feel that I have to work twice as hard to achieve success and acceptance. I encounter a great deal of homophobia because I am pretty visibly gay. I just view it as extra weight that I have to carry. That weight will make me stronger. I won’t presume to know what struggles you have faced, but if you can view whatever prejudice you’ve experienced as an opportunity to make yourself twice as STRONG as everyone else, all the pain will have been worth it. Best of luck.

    • White Light says:

      butch lesbian

      Is there another type of lesbian?

      I also feel that I have to work twice as hard to achieve success and acceptance.

      Define “success.”

      I just view it as extra weight that I have to carry.

      Is that the only extra weight you have to carry?

      • Truthseeker says:

        Yes, White Light, there are other types of lesbians. And, I’m not sure how productive it would be to define success for a person who has the time to post 180 comments on a website. (Really, dude?!) Why don’t you go ahead and define success for yourself.

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