Urban living has made me racist

Kenna Hensen
Philadelphia, PA

I’m so ashamed to say I have racist thoughts. I grew up in a small suburban town believing that no matter your ethnicity, racist remarks where never appropriate. I moved into a large urban city 5 years ago and found my thoughts and feelings on racism being altered by my experience with people in my neighborhood.

I live in an area with a high immigrant population of Asian/ Vietnamese / Hispanic families. I also live down the street for a low income housing project that has a high majority of African American families. The Asian and Hispanic populations are very hard working individuals, opening stores, restaurants and businesses. They put me to shame with their work ethic, often working weekends and holidays. I always see my Asian/ Hispanic neighbors working their houses, playing in the park with their children, or sending time with their families, after they have worked all week and into the weekend. We always greet each other with simple words and friendly gestures.
When I walk past the housing project, I am heckled by my neighbors who yell sexual and offensive comments, fail to respect quite hours in the evening and often let their children wander around late into the night. I feel voices that I’ve heard say racist and offensive comments creep into my head and I bite my tongue to hold back a lot of words I feel inside.

But why? Why has the negativity of Racism crept into my head? I have very good friends who are African American, Ive been in mixed relationships, I even have an “adopted” aunt who I loved. I see their children as my own I would never disrespect an individual of this race, but I am struggling to understand the overall values of this ethnicity and the reason that I feel the way I do. What is happening in our culture and why has the majority of this ethnic group ended up becoming the so displaced in our society?

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  1. Altinay says:

    Hispanic and Asian Americans have a very different history in the United States. They have come here VOLUNTARARILY! They often come here seeking better opportunities or safer environments. African Americans were brought here by force and then systematically discriminated against. They have had a very abusive relationship with the government and the United States in general. My statement is a gross simplification of the issues this community has faced. The problems you see now are a result of the all that has happened. Please do not judge an entire ethnic group based on the actions of a few. Perhaps you need to experience our community in a different way. Volunteer at a church or after school program, you will meet amazing people. We are human just like you. We are kind, compassionate, hard working and intelligent as well. I encourage you to take another look. Thanks for sharing.

    • steve says:

      Asian and other minorities have been discriminated in the past as were blacks. You are not old enough to know. I live in the South and I am 75. In our small Asian (Chinese) community our college attendance is appx. 95% and 98% of those graduated. The answer is strong family ties with intact father and mother and respect instilled by the parents. Not bragging, just proud!

      • Rachpsu says:

        but ita different becuase in us drugs have cripled black and spanish families. And goverment forced all black men fight in vietnam wars. So i disagree as an asian u need to open ur eyes to institutions of racism systems in place to keep people down. So thats why Hispanic some in us ansd some black people in us didnt reavh thoae goals bec drugs didnt affect asian community as outa we talking about generations ago.

        • the guest says:

          Still no excuse for lowlife ghetto blacks to get a free pass to terrorize the world.

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            Hahahaaa ignorant as you are. Blacks aren’t terrorizing the world… we all know it’s Whites and Arabs. Go to other countries and see blacks flourishing. Low life blacks- as you called them- are that way because White America suppresses any progress they attempt to make.

        • nych says:

          So, the white man forced blacks to smoke that crack or shoot that heroin? Take responsibility for yourself. THAT is the problem in the black community. Whenever there is a problem, black racebaiting “leaders” or condescending privileged white people always tell blacks as well as everyone else that it is 100 percent racism, or cause of slavery, or drugs, or discrimination . Even if ALL THAT WAS TOTALLY TRUE, it does not excuse people from even TRYING G to help themselves, but this culture of victimhood has instilled despair and hopelessness in the black urban community. Instead, fight back against the discrimination by PROVING THEM WRONG. do not simply say that if whitey thinks you are ignorant, you might as well act ignorant. That is just what racist whites, including fake friends of blacks on the left, want. The right wants to be proven right on their stereotypes, and he left wants to treat african americans as helpless children so they can feel superior to blacks.”aw, poor blacks, they are too dumb to know any bettee, it is not their fault” wake up black people! These privileged whited ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. God helps those who help themselves. You must DEMAND RESPECT BY DESERVING IT. BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES, AND DO AND SAY THIngs YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN CAN BE PROUD OF! After the civil rights movement of the 60’s lead by blacks who knew what poverty and discrimination was, blacks were on their way to equalitt, even if a long road ahead. Now outsiders have stolen the civil rights movement for their own gain. Blacks should take it back. To be treated like a man, act like a man. Is it fair to have to work harder just to be equal? No, it is not, but life is not fair. Be suspicious of anyone who offers an easy way or wants to give you things for free. They are hustlers, black or white they are race hustlers. Not trying to say I know what you all are going through, I’m a white man so I can know. BUT, if you accomplish something like a rights victory, admit it and move to the next fight. Do not let someone tell you you deserve something for nothing. Noone can take pride in something they did not work for, the harder the work the more pride. If you all work as hard as in the past, things can change. I’m not trying to tell you you aren’t working hard enough, cause like I said, you should not have to fight for something all shoukd have. Unfortunately, if noone wants you to have something, you MUST fight for it. That is, if you REALLY WANT IT, YOU MUST BE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT, That does not mean just demanding it loudly or trying to rob it by threats. Start working hard for what you want and don’t stop. You will know you are on the right track the harder the right resists you, and the harder the left resists you as well. When you take back the fight from the white liberals, they will fight you harder than the KKK did. They want you to stay like children. Do not fall for the trap. Be the change you want to see. I am far no MLK, i hate to even put myself in the same sentence, but I hope you take this as inspirational and not condescending or victim blaming.

    • ninjawizardbeast says:

      I agree with your core conceits, however, I think it is important to acknowledge the institutional discrimination that greets each and every individual perceived to be a minority once they arrive to this country. True, chattel slavery and post-traumatic slave syndrome have definitely had an incredible impact on the social alienation of the black community. Every single brown community has faced and continues to face discrimination and it is important to acknowledge the nature of the oppression–as you did–while not detracting from the struggles of other minorities. Brown people need to find commonality in struggle and strength in solidarity instead of dividing ourselves based on who historically faced the worst oppression. Acknowledgement and context is important and necessary, but let’s take it to the next step find common ground for Brown people (as well as white allies!) to come together and find power through political and social unification.

  2. Quintina says:

    Please do not judge all African Americans by the actions of a few. Every race will have it stars, its successful people, its hard workers, and they will have groups that lack drive or is ignorant. And, unfortunately by moving down the street from the projects, you have moved to a location where there is a large number of the latter. Some are there because they cannot find higher paying jobs, some cannot find a job at all, some do not want a job. Many are there because they are uneducated, and a few are lazy. BUT they do not represent ALL African Americans; they represent the small amount that fit the aforementioned catagories which force them to live there because it is all they can afford. So if you take a large number of ignorant people of any race and put them in the same place because it is all they can afford, you will find that type of behavior at times.

    I am Black. I have never lived in the projects, but I know people who have and they are good people. I did however grow up in a poor, hard working neighboehood. We all worked just as hard as the other races you mentioned. But you did not move near those blacks. Do not change your views on African Americans because of that. Just recognize where you live.

    It is no different than having all the “bad” kids from one county sent to one school, and you living down the street from it. Everytime you encountered a student they were rude, flippant, and disrespectful leaving you saying all teens today are horrible when that is not true; it is a generalized statement.

    • Danni Bloom says:

      If it were the actions of “just a few” then it wouldn’t be a problem.

      • Ghost Eyes says:

        What are you doing to fix it? I see you’re over there pointing fingers. Help fix it and the world would be a better place Danni

        • Danni Bloom says:

          You are in a better position to fix it than I am. You would never listen to anything I had to say anyway…all because of the color of MY skin. YOU should stand up and help “fix it” to make the world a better place.

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            I’m already doing a lot to fix it and that’s why I’m here encouraging people like you.

          • Danni Bloom says:

            Keep on working toward fixing it. Stop depending on me to do the job for you. I changed my response to make it easier for you to understand. See, I’m being considerate and diverse. I’m not a fan of this platform. You can contact me directly if you’d like to further this discussion. No matter what I say, however, you will resort to ad hominem attacks. At this point in my life, I’m more concerned about helping people who REALLY can’t help themselves, not people who are capable but just unmotivated. It’s a waste of time. Ok, let the attacks begin.

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            I’m not depending on you to help people. Encouragement is different from dependence. By the way, what will it cost you to motivate someone? Also, you cannot tell me you’re motivated all day, everyday. I’m not interested in contacting you directly as you obviously have a myopic view of the ongoing issue. I like to discuss with human beings with the intellectual capacity to provide solutions. You mentiined you only care for your family and no one else I.e before you edited your comment. Well, go on and be selfish. The problem won’t solve itself. Enjoy

          • Danni Bloom says:

            It’s a bit difficult to fix a problem when the people causing the problem do not want help, unless it’s free social assistance. True help is pushed away. I’d prefer to focus my attention on people who are truly unable to help themselves and, of course, I put my family’s health and safety first. That’s why I moved away. See, I knew this concept would prove to be too difficult for you to comprehend. Thanks for proving my point. Carry on… I have important things to do.

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            Important things like not hiring blacks or hispanics because we cannot comprehend??? You didn’t prove any point? Disagreement is different from comprehension. I disagreed with the “point” you were trying to make.Comprendè??? If you ignore a problem, it won’t uust go away. You haven’t tried to help a family from the ghetto, so how do you know they don’t need your help? Go out and help and stop pointing fingers Danni.

          • Danni Bloom says:

            I’ve hired blacks and Hispanics. I’ve helped people in the “ghetto.” I should note that word seems to only be appropriate for black people to say. I helped people in the “ghetto” save thousands of dollars on therapy for their disabled children, so they could spend that money on things like electricity, food, etc. Believe me, I’ve done more than my fair share of trying to help people in the “ghetto.” I don’t need you to tell me to do more. That seems to be the only thing I hear from people like you… Do more for us, Danni. We want more… more tax money, more handouts, more donations, more sympathy for our plight. No one was there doing anything for me when we were in need. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon…nope. Had to work for what I got. I lived in the ghetto. I got out. No one helped me get out of the ghetto. And when I say ghetto, I mean literal G.H.E.T.T.O. I’ve done more than my fair share and I continued to do so each and every day. Why don’t you get off the computer and stop responding to a story that was written three years ago and do something TODAY. If you’re trying to troll me, you’re gonna need to use bigger bait. Turning off notifications for this bs.

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            Ghetto can be used by anyone. I’m not asking for you to help me. I am well established and that’s why I have the time to encourage quitters like you. I have helped and continue to help thousands but I’m not here to brag. As I said, you probably work for me without realizing it.
            Anyway, if they’re asking for handouts and yiu keep giving it to them in form of material things, it’s your loss not their’s. I am satisfied, but if you guve me handouts, I’ll take them. I’m only human. Knowledge is power. Give the the knowledge to become like you, so in turn they would help others. I am trolling you because I know you know the truth deep down. Danni, wake up from your hibernation and empower others. Let’s do this! I believe in the power of Danni Bloom! Go on now…

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            I could help sell more of your books by the way. More than you could ever imagine. As long as you’d continue to help others with some of the proceeds. Thanks for your work Danni! Don’t give up on the lazy ones

  3. MarkTenneyNewMathDoneRight says:

    You had prejudice before and now you have reality. You were carefully taught to label reality as racist thought. Check out Lawrence Auster’s website.

  4. fuva says:

    Altinay explains it.
    Also, no people have worked as hard for less in the history of America than black folk. This is a historical fact.
    The prosperity and opportunity immigrants come here to pursue was largely seeded by the stolen labor and brutalization of blacks.
    In the face of the trauma, they nevertheless MUST persevere. But remember, it’s not like they’ve received therapy or compensation…In this age of ‘PTSD’ awareness, we somehow overlook this…

  5. merlin1935 says:

    I agree with Altinay that other minorities have a totally different experience in America from Blacks. An ethnic group that was institutionally forced into servitude and poverty for centuries will still have remnants of that legacy, even after freedom and great strides such as producing a president.

    Immigrants who voluntarily come to the US are likely to be the most enterprising and aggressive individuals in their country of origin. When they arrive here as adults, they’re likely to be quite serious and determined to succeed. It’s not an option for them to live in the projects or collect food stamps. They need to remit money back home!

    This point also applies to African immigrants, who have been shown in studies to be predominantly middle class and well educated. They arrive in the US without the psychological burden of America’s racist history, which unfortunately affects and holds back many descendants of slaves.

    Kenna, you may be able to rid yourself of the creeping racist feelings if you read and understand this underlying factor behind the behavior of your neighbors in the projects and your industrious immigrant neighbors.

    I am a Black African Immigrant. I have observed this dynamic between immigrants of different origins.

  6. CSI America says:

    Wonderful post. I know precisely how you feel. I grew up in a small town (50k) and my father and mother had strong racial biases. I thought most of mine had disappeared once I joined the military (which they largely did) but once I moved to a large urban environment I started having the same emotions again. It’s really a difficult thing to pin down but I am always disappointed in myself whenever I catch racist thoughts popping up.

  7. Airborne855 says:

    Part of the problem is falling into the stereotype trap. There are a lot of despicable persons in the world and when we encounter some of a particular culture or race it is easy to classify them all as such. Our minds are hard wired to make snap judgements. It’s a survival thing. In the immediacy of unpleasant or dangerous circumstance, it is wise to avoid certain groups. Later on you can calm down and see the big picture. Momentary prejudice is perfectly understandable and sometimes proper. Besides, everyone is prejudiced for or against others. The real test of character is how you deal with it.

    • mike4ty4 says:

      “The real test of character is how you deal with it.”

      In other words, how well you rein in and control that tendency to prejudice. We have to always fight, and always be vigilant.

  8. Our Road to Hatred says:

    Living in a system that for the past 2,000 years or so has
    conditioned humanity to believe that, unless you followed or met certain divisive tenets for membership in a group, you were an “other”. And add to
    that, there have been specific “others” who were believed to be
    inferior, or less of a people than the rest until the latest science dispelled
    notions of supremacy. Is it any wonder why we have the muscle memory of
    discrimination? Discrimination is a learned behavior.

    I became so passionate about the social construct of race and it’s inflicted suffering on billions, that I wrote a book, “Our Road to Hatred—How We Raise our Bullies.” I’m sixty-four and a product of parents who were raised with Jim Crow laws. Dark skinned people were inferior because we had anthropologists telling us so until the latter part of the 20th century, and countless other negative stereotypes have been drummed into us; just think of George Zimmerman’s response to seeing Treyvon Martin. Don’t feel guilty if sometimes we have habitual reflexes—feel guilty if you practice them. And imagine a world where children are taught that we are all humans, regardless of appearance, gender, or behavior; no one superior to another.

  9. zyan says:

    The people in the housing project act the way they do because they come from generations of low-income/no-income families that have been kept down by law and tradition and casual contempt. Those who have escaped and made a “nice” life for themselves won’t be found in housing projects.

    It’s ironic that you would use the words “displaced in our society” because place is a big part of how they ended up this way. First, the diaspora – ancestors did not come here through their own free will. Secondly, the migration from the South to escape the oppression of Jim Crow. Third, the devastation brought by social programs of the 60’s, everything from razing middle-class black neighborhoods for the Interstate system to the way social welfare programs basically required a broken home before a family qualified for help. A fourth wave of displacement recently hit in the form of the mortgage crisis, affecting all races this time.

    As far as the racist comments that creep into your head, we are all a product of our culture, as well as our choices. When we’re angry, our responses don’t come from the more individuated parts of our minds, but from the buzzwords and lowest common denominators of society. Keep biting your tongue because in some situations a non-response may be the only form of friendliness one can offer.

    There’s also the possibility of turning the question asked here, “Why?” upon those behaving badly, not confrontation but the actual question – why did you say or do that. The test of whether you have surrendered to racism will be whether you can ask sincerely of the individual or whether as a blanket accusation leveled at the group.

    • Janine Grobler says:

      Go home then – back to Africa, the land of your ancestors.

      • Ghost Eyes says:

        I knew it. I knew you went to Africa thinking you were better than them and that’s why you were discriminated against. Read your comment again. That’s enough proof. People, what did I say to JANINE GROBLER earlier??? Now she proved me right. Unlike in the US, people in Africa can pick up the scent of a pretentious person and that’s why you got burned. They knew you were a wolf in sheeps’s clothing. Africa is not what you see on TV. You probably thought you were going there to see savages and got blind-sided by very smart people. No one needs the likes of you (people with your attitude) there anyway. Hahahaa ’nuff said.

  10. Thomas V says:

    You are not racist.

    Some posters such as Airborne855 have said it: we and many animals are wired for what known as “Bayesian inference” learning, or in simpler words “once bitten, twice shy,” which allows an animal to adapt and survive. Hence, a fox that escapes from a trap once would be very weary of any object resembling a trap even if it isn’t a trap. A bear that gets frequent feeding from humans in cars (old day Yellowstone) will approach any car for food.

    However, we human are also smarter than that basic learning with our capability of discriminating learning. Hence, most of us would stay away of snakes, because we are hard wired to fear them and better be safe than sorry, but a snake expert can discriminate the poisonous from the non-poisonous types to know which one to avoid and which one not to worry about.

    If you see those people in housing projects behave in certain way (heckling, yelling sexual and offensive comments), it is natural for you to (inaccurately) infer that all people with that characteristics would behave like that.

    However, we know that there is no such a thing as the gene of black skin is 100% correlated to the gene that make people “heckling, yelling.” It means that another person with black skin may behave totally different, and we would be wrong to assume so the first time we meet that person.

    So, like a snake expert, we must learn to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. With people, we have an obligation to treat our fellow human being morally. Which means that we cannot take action that inflicts unnecessary pain, harm, or put people at a disadvantage based on our inaccurate inference (prejudice) about them. Racism is when we take immoral action and cause wrongful harm, such as denying a qualified candidate a job, or following and shooting a person, based not on relevant criteria but by our inaccurate generalization inference. This is when our higher discriminating learning capability comes in handy, which makes us the most intelligent animal on earth.

    That said, anti-racism does NOT mean that you have to be friendly and embrace those bad people in the housing projects. Yes, they are what they are likely as a consequence of being victimized by an unjust society (nurture) as well as perhaps by their genetic makeups (nature). Regardless, their behavior is morally unjustifiable regardless of whatever the cause. It is perfectly OK for you to look down on them and avoid them.

    Just remember that there is no evidence that a person physical characteristics such as skin color, facial appearance, body type, …. is 100% correlated to his/her social behavior such as being ethical, hard-working, compassionate or anti-social, criminal…

    So, what to do if you encounter such an individual without knowing anything else? If I walk down the street and see an African American dressing, behaving in certain way, is it wrong for me to cross to the other side of the street? No. I’m perfectly justified to do anything I want as long as I don’t harm the people. Everyone of us has the right to be defensive and not taking risk.

    What if my action hurts the feeling of that person? So what? my risk of being physically assaulted, robbed, is less worthy than the “feeling” or the other person? Do I need to be a guinea pig to test if that person is a good one (like who would not do harm to me and politely greet me) or a bad one (who would stab me for a few dollars)?

    No. Everyone has the right to be defensive, like defensive driving in traffic. Our inference may not be perfect in the absence of a priori evidence, but if that is the best we have at hand, we are justified to act on it.

    But now, if I know an African American for a long time, who has excelling work record, who is well qualified for a promotion and I decide not to give the promotion based purely on my dislike of his/her skin color, then that is an unethical action and it means I am a racist.

    • D Stone says:

      Will you please just shut the hell up. You could have simply stated this instead: it’s not racism, it’s a natural reaction to people acting like animals. Very rational to think like that.

    • mike4ty4 says:

      “Regardless, their behavior is morally unjustifiable regardless of whatever the cause. It is perfectly OK for you to look down on them and avoid them.”

      The problem is when you make the association to race. As you mentioned, there is a natural tendency. We have to watch out for those tendencies — just as we have a natural tendency toward aggression and violence, so too to prejudice formation. We have to keep them in check, for to act on them is (most often) immoral itself. Morality is the higher set of rules that we have to which we submit and discipline our lower, baser nature.

      • ThePhdScientist says:

        I don’t know if I totally buy that. I feel a bit like the original author of this article. I’m very liberal, have supported equal rights for all races, sexualities, genders etc.

        And still, living in a large urban area I can’t help but feel that when I get in the bus, grab a quick bite to eat, or go to a movie if I hear someone yelling and acting obnoxious in a public area 9 times out of 10 that person is black.

        That doesn’t mean I think that all black people are loud and obnoxious in public situations but that there is a segment of the black population that seems to find this type of inappropriate behavior to be culturally acceptable.

        It does feel like you shouldn’t say that and yet many people have this observation.

        Are we wrong? Are we racist?

  11. Sandra Madera says:

    I’m going to assume you are not black. The reason for that is the following statement you make: “It is difficult to overcome poverty when you are told from the time you are born that you are oppressed.” You don’t have to TELL someone they are oppressed – most black men EXPERIENCE this regularly, systemically, on a level you don’t even imagine. That is what white privilege refers to.

    • AsianDudefromPhilly says:

      @sandramadera:disqus everyone is different. And you have to accept that.

    • The Mouse says:

      Ummmm, Sandra. You must be suffering from white guilt. LOL I am a Blatino and I was never ever oppressed or felt “oppressed”. If anything, I was oppressed not by white folks in NYC (where I grew up, by the way) but by my own kind! Yes… my own skin color. Beating me up for talking “white” and for excelling in school. I got the last laugh because I end up going to college while everyone else had 5 kids out of wedlock (meanwhile blaming the “Man” for their poverty and lack of progress).

      No person of color is oppressed in 2014. Sorry; not buying it. You oppress yourself by declining to finish high school, and by despising education as “a white thing”. Read John McWhorter’s “Losing the Race”. It will change your mind about victimization and “oppression”. I could believe that if it were 1960, but it isn’t. Nope. Sorry.

      • Rachpsu says:

        its not about education. Good for you u have a degree and so do i. Does that mean we have made it as a people ? No im latino as a black person we dont own or have power in this society. Just luke malcolmc said we must have out own business and create wealth. Get out of working for a white man all of our lives. Put our wealth together andcreate business power and wealth. Thats when we made it. Has nothing to do with college

        • the guest says:

          That’s not true. Poor and ghetto blacks have lots of power to terrorize and victimize others and they use that power to fullest extent.

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            So do the rich white people. It’s even worse in their case. They don’t only terrorize Blacks, but every other race and country. Zip it please

      • Rachpsu says:


      • the guest says:

        Beautifully said.

      • Rodney Bunkley says:

        If you honestly think no person of color is depressed, then something is really wrong with you. I’m from the hood, but in my last year of college about to get my engineering degree. I lost count how many times I’ve been racially discriminated or oppressed. Cops asking you if you have drugs on you, hand-cuffing you and throwing you in the back seat of cop cars, people following you around in the store, prejudice people looking at you like you’re a thug until they find out you’re actually doing something positive in your life and start treating you nice all of a sudden…is that not “oppression” to you? Yes, I have been judged by my own kind and called names because people were jealous or felt like I was better than them, but that’s just how some of our people are. So to say black people aren’t oppressed in this day and age is a VERY invalid statement.

        • Iyere Okojie says:

          Ya WTH!!! No race is oppressed? I can understand how you feel when you say YOU haven’t been oppressed by others except your race, but your comment just shows that YOU are not EDUCATED (education isn’t simply public schooling and college…etc) on the lives of other people in this world!! You also seem to put emphasis on “2014” as if the number is supposed to magically end racism…and flying cars arrive and whatnot…!! If you want to argue weather people are oppressed or not, provide a piece of information showing us. You have no right to speak for the lives of others that you don’t know and honestly your comment is a PERFECT reason as to why people who have actually been oppressed find it so difficult to survive in this world. I mean, if your denying it exist, how do we solve the problem?

          And oppression doesn’t just come in the form of direct insults or direct confrontation. Its can even be subtle attitude towards the other. And this happens on both sides. A white person raised in a black may face the same.

          I agree, with @ro@rodneybunkley:disqus . Please understand that you cannot speak for others. I understand your story, but again, its dangerous to EXPRESS that there is no racial oppresion.

        • UtherLightbringer says:

          Yeah I’ve been cuffed and put in the back of a cruiser and yes they asked me if I had any drugs on me. I’m not black. How do you know someone was following you? Maybe you’re paranoid? You would think people who follow you would try to be inconspicuous.

    • Ghost Eyes says:

      Thank you… thank you so much Sandra. I wish I had a billion dollars to give to you right now. We ALL need to change. Remember we’re all the same color when we turn off the lights!

  12. BlkQueen says:

    first of all you not biting your tongue becus you know damn well saying them instilled racist thoughts out loud would get your teeth possibly knocked the hell out. This “urban” living is the result of WHITE DESTRUCTION Blame your people for that.

    • Guest says:

      Blaming others for eternity and things happened centuries ago can bring temporary discomfort. It is like aspirin or acetaminophen to relieve your pain and bring down your fever when you have a flu. But it doesn’t cure you. Until African Americans confront their problems and do something about it, this will persist.

      I am a non-white, naturalized US citizen, coming to this country with a lot of sympathy for Blacks, having seen, read about the plight of Black Americans. After 20 years, I have given up.

      I have nothing against Blacks and have upscale Black customers. But I want nothing to do with a black stranger, and black community in general because they are so one dimensional in their outlook.

      • Guest says:

        Edit. Sorry, missing word “relief “to” in the 1st sentence. It should read: “Blaming others for eternity and things happened centuries ago can bring temporary relief to discomfort.

      • mike4ty4 says:

        If African-Americans need to confront problems, then so too do White Americans. TOO. And the problem sets “White American” and “African American” are not exclusive domain of each group — they are interconnected. In other words, we ALL need to confront ALL the problems, it is ALL of us, we are ALL to blame. None of our groups hold the moral high ground.

      • Ghost Eyes says:

        It’s easy to judge from afar, but what are you doing to improve the situation? America (blacks included) has accepted you as a naturalized citizen, but how are you helping America? Definitely not by sitting there and judging blacks. Go out and educate them so they can have upscale customers too.
        Help them to view things 3 dimensionally or however you want them to. You can’t expect a child to learn to speak a language without first exposing them to resources that can help them learn it effectively. Have you been to schools in the Ghettos?????
        Yes, most blacks do horrible things, but so do other races. The fact is, we do ours in the open and others do theirs in hiding. Whites kill people and plead insanity, whites also play loud music and drive/ ride bikes and cars with loud exhausts, hispanics enter the country illegally, they also have some of the worst gangs in the world. Asians cheat a LOT and they dislike dark colored people. Fair skin is sought after in Asian communities. That promotes racism. The fairer you are, the better. Indians lie on job applications… a LOT (I’ve seen it) and that’s why they have all the good IT jobs. Yet, all races have blamed everything on the loudest drum… Blacks.

    • Nishi Hundan says:

      I can’t understand a word you’re saying. Are you naturally stupid, or did a truck back up over your head?

  13. ChicagoChick says:

    And I feel just the same and every other REAL person of color who has had any contact with WHITES invading our Indigenous spaces K?

  14. Me's be's racis' says:

    People are naturally recognize patterns. You are starting to recognize the patterns of Black dysfunction.

  15. Erin Thomas says:

    Unfortunately you have mistaken a socio-economic issue with a racial issue. The “overall values of this ethnicity” are NOT defined by the residents of the projects that you live close to! If you lived near a poor section in Ireland inhabited by whites would you attribute your fears to race? Your close personal relationships with “very good friends… [your] ‘adopted’ aunt… mixed relationships” apparently have done little to assuage your fears that you dealt with the minority, not the majority, of the black race. Urban living made you realize some deeply rooted fears, it didn’t make you an overnight racist.

  16. merlin1935 says:

    @Nancyannthegirl says:

    “It is difficult to overcome poverty when you are told from the time you are born that you are oppressed and there is no way out”.

    This is a very, very false statement. It shows that you do not even have a single black friend, a real friend. The discussion black parents have with their kids is the exact opposite. It goes something like this:

    “You will meet people who may not like you just because of your skin color, but you must not pay attention to such people. Stay focused. You can achieve anything you want if you work hard enough. But you must work harder and prove yourself more than other people to get what you deserve”.

    That is the discussion in general. If a black kid falls through the crack after receiving such advise, it’s likely due to external circumstances or even parental upbringing itself. Regardless, it is not because parents advise their babies to fail.

    In fact I find this ignorant statement you made to be quite disturbing. If you meet a black person with this pre-conceived notion, how likely are you to be fair to the person?

  17. Til says:

    You know, I rarely hear of the mystical poor white family but I know they exist. There are more of them than the poor black family because white people outnumber black people. There are more white people on welfare than black people even though people would never believe that. Now, I’m a progressive black person that doesn’t approve of such behavior and I know it happens but I always hear stories such as this and just wonder, “How would a well-to-do black person feel walking through a trailer park?”

  18. Brandi.J says:

    I grew up in Philadelphia so I know how it can be.I can also understand your view. I moved to Kennett, PA after living in Philadelphia from my birth till I was 15. Kennett has a large Mexican population. Before moving to Kennett, I had views that racism against anybody was wrong. I found myself to dislike the Mexican population as soon as I moved to Kennett. Now I have friends who are Mexican and they are the nicest people you would probably ever meet. So I often asked myself why now? also. There are also other Hispanics and races that come to our country illegally but I just seemed to not like Mexicans because of it. They would also say things that would just push my buttons as I walked down the street.

    Nobody, in my eyes, is born racist. It is through experience and others views around the person that makes them that way. Everybody is a product of their environment. Maybe we don’t dislike somebody because of their race, maybe it’s their actions, then their race plays in. We live in a culture where we must be afraid of the black man so we are taught that race matters. When something negative happens, we automatically say “that black guy” or something along those lines. Why? because we hear it everyday, especially on the news. I am in no way condoning any racist behavior as I have a biracial nephew, but we must think as to why racism still exists. Not only are families helping it thrive but organizations, clubs, churches, media and our government in ways. Everyday when we sign up for something, apply for a job or school, we are separating ourselves racially. Separate but equal still exists, whether citizens want to admit it or not.

  19. Kica says:

    Ok no. Ignorance has made you racist. You judge ALL by a few.

  20. readthis says:

    Family is big, history is big, having an identity is big, the successful minorities you speak of have this, black Americans do not, the difference is also economy. You mentioned the blacks live in a housing project that is not a community true some may take pride in it and try to hold on to some form of dignity but the reality is it is a place for the lows of society and the people there know this and where born into it they didn’t move into it from another country with hopes of self improvement or a life savings to do it, unlike the Asian or Latino communities you speak of where this is a common trait. White Asians and Latinos have always been more excepted into the white society of America due to their physical characteristics via European like hair, facial features or complexions, the more African looking or darker completed individuals tend to live in poverty and are subjected to the same issues you observed in the housing projects, the reality is far deeper than the surface idea that since one minority group is doing well why can’t you, when institutionalized racism has done a wonderful job in making sure you feel the way you have. Don’t feel bad, just recognize the program and try to avoid letting the things you see on the surface currupt your heart, research the human mind it’s an explanation for everything even down to the sad attempt to retain a masculine identity thus the disrepectful remarks you have to endure when passing. Read the willie lynch papers. Interesting stuff.

    • CO says:

      yes they do. They have large families and they have every opportunity given to them. One key word “laziness”.

      • Ghost Eyes says:

        Your grand daughter will bring a black male home one day. Are you gonna break her little heart by saying no? If you do, mother nature may take matters into her hands and miraculously give you a black grandchild. You can give them all the education and training you want, but if you don’t play a part in fixing the issue now, they’re going to suffer even worse than we are now. You may think you’ll be long gone by then so you don’t care, but you may be alive and they may be the ones feeding you with their black hands.
        You don’t seem to like the word black but I bet you drive a black dodge truck with huge tires and your real name is Bob. How’s that for generalizing and being prejudice? Not all blacks are lazy and not all white males are called Bob.

  21. Demara says:

    This is exactly what I wanted to say. If you stay on the outskirts of the neighborhood, you’re going to see the people who hang around the outskirts. Go into the homes and see the mothers that struggle with helping their children with their homework. Go into the schools and find the teachers who care enough give a student lunch money every day even though they’re living paycheck to paycheck. Go into the Church and see the countless tears of homeless people because they know they can get a good meal once a week and a coat for the winter. Go into the convenience stores and see some of the cashiers working to save up and “GET OUT” because of those people on the outskirts. If you don’t want to go into these neighborhoods, go into the Black Student Unions of predominantly white institutions and hear what the students had to go through to get where they are, only to have to CRINGE every day because of the ignorance of their peers about differences in culture or believing what they see on TV or “on the outskirts of the neighborhoods” applies to every single African American in the entire world. Please don’t make the grievous mistake that so MANY people are making now by letting the actions of a few color your view.

  22. Phoenix Rising 444 says:

    American society (caucasions) has rejected minorities for centuries and just because of Civil Rights Movement occured it does not mean that the underlying anamosity, frustration & anger of minorities over being treated as less than zero going to disappear! The underlying problem is lack of acknowledgement and acceptance of people in general. It is interesting how a land that belonged to Native Americans became a caucasion nation (majority) of intolerant people. The ego must not be involved when it comes to treatment and understanding of another human being. It kills me to read blogs like this when my husband, my children and I have had to deal with racism served chilled on a silver platter by caucasions on a daily basis. Wake Up People!

    • Janine Grobler says:

      Just to let you know, that living as a white in Afirica one is discriminated against more than blacks in the US!

      • Ghost Eyes says:

        You are a liar Janine. I spent 22 years in Africa and I know the whites are ALWAYS given preferential treament. Africans are known for their hospitality towards visitors or people different from them. You must have gone there acting like you’re better than them or something. Africans are very welcoming. Please don’t even go there.
        They treat whites, hispanics, asians and indians (all races) very well. As long as you don’t go to Africa with ulterior motives, you’ll be fine. Wow… I can’t believe some people can be this hateful. It’s not enough that African Americans are being treated unfairly. Now you want to include the entire Africa as a whole. You must be a decendant of Donald Trump. It’s 2 things… either you visited a community that’s still mad at whites for tearing their families apart during the slave era or you went there subconsciously thinking they’ll worship you because you think you’re superior to and but they ignored you. Now you’re mad and want to take it out on the entire CONTINENT??? You thought you could sneak in and sneak out of this discussion without someone who grew up in Africa setting you straight huh? Stop spreading hate JANINE GROBLER!

  23. Phoenix Rising 444 says:

    Typos in prev. post:
    American society (Caucasians) has rejected minorities for centuries and just because Civil Rights Movement occurred it does not mean that the underlying animosity, frustration & anger of minorities over being treated as less than zero going to disappear! The underlying problem is lack of acknowledgement and acceptance of people in general. It is interesting how a land that belonged to Native Americans became a Caucasian nation (majority) of intolerant people. The ego must not be involved when it comes to treatment and understanding of another human being. It kills me to read blogs like this when my husband, my children and I have had to deal with racism served chilled on a silver platter by Caucasians on a daily basis. Wake Up People!

  24. Eugenia Lieu says:

    I’m not sure if Black People are people with extraordinary face recognition, but I’ve fed up with Black People treating me other than an Asian. They keep coming after me, and pursuing me because they think I am a racist. I know I am described as a coarse-face, and they think I’m White. What they never change thinking about me, and never change thinking about me is that my face is not as slender as Caucasians. I’m not the same size as they are. No. And it’s discrimination for me to come out, and say that I am heavyset. They know I’m not the ordinary, stereotypical Chinese.

  25. Eugenia Lieu says:

    As a coarse-face with cross-face-effect, I enjoy being with my own group, or The Asian Chinese Group rather than members of other groups. It’s not that I’m better than my own group, but there’s something wrong with the other group. Everything’s wrong with the other group, or The White People when they have a rough jaw, but not the richness of the face to go with it.

  26. olblue9 says:

    Good card, great question. So simple, yet so complex. I don’t know if the government can solve the problem without admitting to what the reality of race in America is. I do not believe the underprivileged “minorities” can by advanced without providing equal relief for underprivileged “white” families. Of course the only true way to resolve the issue is for the wealthy American investors to reduce their investments overseas and offer investment opportunities to American business’. Racial differences are less important when we all are employed with a chance at the “American Dream”.

    • peace2 says:

      THIS IS not a money issue. This is a heart issue, a human issue. a spiritual issue. We each have to self search, look inward, do introspection. That is where it begins. I have to decide to not fear my fellow man. i have to decide to accept my fellow man’s physical features and his right to exist and make a living. No entity can force me to do that.

      • olblue9 says:

        Not all of us have the luxury of choosing our fellow human beings by how good they look in a pair of Chinos. We all feel better about ourselves if we have a little money in our pocket and don’t have to worry about getting evicted tomorrow.

      • jeanie says:

        Where have you been Peace2?

        • peace2 says:

          cnn banned me. LOL. Apparently we live in a so called “free country” with so called “free speech” as long as we say what makes the majority comfortable. I am not a robot so I cannot do it.

          • jeanie says:

            Well, that must have been some comment! I’m surprised I haven’t been!

          • peace2 says:

            Jeanie where have you been. I thought you were upset with me for speaking my mind. I know people get swallowed by alligators all the time. Did you spend christmas in the belly of the beast? How did you get past those teeth and slippry tongue to get out?

  27. AsianDudefromPhilly says:

    Everybody has problems with racists. The reason why people can be racist is because they have had problems with opposing races or they are just plain ignorant.
    But when we understand and know about each other more we have something in common. I would actually judge someone by their characteristics and not by their race because some people are good and some people are bad.

    I am asian american and I really am for multiculturalism. Mixing is a great way for the future. Why? Multiculturalism gives all non racist human beings the advantage of being clear and knowing each other well. Everyone has some good and bad in them.

  28. leela says:

    Your problem is that when you see black you see same. Not everyone represents their race. There is nothing wrong with your reaction to negative input and Chris rock said it best, ” black people hate n*****s too.”

  29. Dennis Teel says:

    I agree with another poster that blacks are a one dimensional thinking bunch as a whole..always bitching about white privilege,always stories about how they’re being dissed by white people and society,government,etc…ie,drama..always effing drama in their lives..move to a dominantly white area.Springfiled Missouri is a good place.several cities in Missouri and many states believe it or not are dominantly white..people that have lived only in black dominant cities will tell you that all cities are ‘black’ now days but that’s incorrect..there are plenty of cities that are mostly white and will always be that way..certain cities in Missouri are like that..branson,springfield,clever,nixa,etc..you don’t have to live around ghetto behavior//minorities don’t think the same way white people do for the most part..for example,in my experience,blacks and Hispanics don’t seem to realize that hanging out on complex property all hours of the night is unacceptable because they view night time in a different light(so to speak)than most white people..many other differences as well…call it culture,not color..you don’t have to like a certain group’s culture..it’s not a requirement ..move..

  30. Bernn Ward says:

    Think about the term “housing project”. And you are free to harbor racist sentiments as long as you do not go as far as dinenfranchising people based solely upon their race—which IS ACTUAL RACISM.

  31. Nishi Hundan says:

    Welcome to the real world…

  32. The Mouse says:


    I so can understand how you feel and I am actually of hispanic/black descent (Puerto Rican) from NYC. I grew up in the ghettos of the Bronx and though my family was extremely respectful, quiet (no loud music) and hard working, I grew up around some lazy, loud, Welfare trash. Now I can say that and not be classified as a “racist”, yet if someone Caucasian dared think or say it; he would be! Of course, I would get flack from my own kind for “dissing” our race/ethnic group and even have been accused of being self-hating or preferring white folks over black. But it has been my experience that most blacks/puerto ricans and dominicans in my area were loud, obnoxious, have nasty attitudes and think they are entitled everything (from Section 8 to Welfare). I have long gotten a college degree and left the ghetto but when I do go back to visit family still living in those areas, I come in with some really negative attitudes about the people living there and usually can’t wait to leave! I have come to realize that it’s more an economic issue than a race issue. If you move into an area populated by black professionals, they are usually quiet and don’t play their music loud as most have to work the next day. It’s always the Welfare/Section 8 families that participate in that kind of behavior; from my experience. It’s a cultural and economic phenomenon really. If you live in a Caucasian poor rural area (and I have… when I lived in Wisconsin) and you will also encounter loud poor trashy Welfare White folks.

    • The Emperor says:

      Mouse, I enjoyed and agreed with your comment. You’re right that whites cannot comment on the same TRUTHS that you brought up, but I blame the left wing progressives for this. Thanks for standing up for truth!

    • Ghost Eyes says:

      Mouse, you are part of the problem. Why do I say so? Yes you’re educated and all that, but have you taken it upon yourself to educate other people in the projects where you grew up? If the answer is no, then you should be quiet and stop with the “I’m responsible and they’re not” attitude. You call people poor and trashy because you think you’re better than them. White or black, that’s a very ignorant way to refer to human beings. You probably got bullied by blacks because they sensed you were looking down on them as you are now (reference your first ignorant commenton this thread about being mistreated by blacks).
      Also, don’t come at me with the whole college degree thing. I am black (pure bred) and I have a master’s degree, but I take it upon myself to spend time educating/helping the “so called” poor and trashy human beings. I can’t believe you have the guts to crawl out from where you’re hiding to call people poor and trashy when you’re not doing anything to help. I would never hire someone like you. You should be ashamed of yourself! I don’t think you’ve experienced racism yet. When you do, you’d understand what some of us are talking about. Have you walked into an interview only to be smirked at before talking? Have you lost you high paying job because a little white girl didn’t like the fact that you’re more educated than she is and is scared you’d take her job? Give it time. I take it you’re still young and ignorant. If Trump wins, you would be in double trouble (Half hispanic, half black eh?).

  33. davisha says:

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  34. arly ser says:

    Time is running out for them.

    At least at the company where i work, the afro-americans are the weakest employees. We joke about them and their confused work ethics. They typically have a million reasons why they cant do their jobs efficiently and conscientiously. The truth is obvious: they are lazy and stupid. They NEVER miss a committee meeting yet they NEVER say anything or contribute anything.

    Im old enoigh to know that this kind of thing never lasts forever. The Day of Reckoning will come.

    • Ghost Eyes says:

      The day of reckonong will come for you when your ignorant self gets robbed on the streets by one of the blacks you fired. Help them help you. You are part of the problem Arly Ser. Also, as a non-black. You should learn to spell “enough” since your so high and mighty.
      By the way, if you taught them how to do their jobs more effectively, they wouldn’t be as stupid as you claim. It’s on you and your lazy Managers who do not follow through on training. Save a black job today and don’t get robbed tomorrow by the same broken soul you fired.

  35. Cuddles says:

    It’s unnatural to live with people who are a different race and opposing culture. Genetically we prefer people and are comfortable around the ones who are related to us. I’m more inclined to being around Northern Europeans who I share the same genes with as opposed to Southern Europeans (Greeks) whom I have less.

  36. Rappa' says:

    it’s because you don’t understand man made poverty.

  37. The Emperor says:

    I realize that I am late to this discussion, but let me put it to you this way. The progressive left (YES THAT progressive left) has conditioned Americans to believe that any and all criticisms of black people and the collective ghetto culture is somehow “racist” and that we should never acknowledge it. Ask yourself this question: Would I tolerate the same behavior from white losers that I’m told to excuse from black losers? Now we could argue that “Well, I wouldn’t judge all white people based on the behavior of white losers, but for some reason I’m judging all black people by the behavior of some black losers.” This is a fair quandary, but that brings us to the next point: I don’t think that most of us DO judge all black people based on the behavior of the black losers; the problem comes in when we DO make that judgement and then the white guilt progressive leftists often respond with “You’re saying that all blacks are bad! You’re a racist! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!”

    Funny how so many on the left (whites and blacks) try to emphasize that “we’re all the same” yet if that were true then there really wouldn’t be any need for all of that wonderful “diversity and multiculturalism and integration” that they claim to want to impose on America. By the way, on another matter, whenever I hear white liberals smugly go on and on about how “if rich white republicans had to send THEIR children off to fight in wars, well then we all KNOW that wars would end tomorrow, but as long as they are sending the children of the poor people off to war, well then those republican hypocrites will continue to do so!”

    Well then I usually respond to that statement with this: “Yeah you’re probably right, but since turnabout is fair play, let’s consider something else. I constantly hear white liberals complaining about how segregated America is and that there is not enough diversity in certain neighborhoods, and that we should welcome black people into our neighborhoods. Well if you really want to do that, here’s an idea—let the white liberals MOVE THEIR FAMILIES into the ‘hood and the black ghettos! Make sure you bring your children with you and enroll them in the same schools that are majority black. Make sure you mingle with all the people hanging out on the street corners and invite them into your homes for supper to mingle and get to know each other. Don’t forget to show them all of your neat toys like your stereos, your big screen televisions, and your computers. And of course, be sure to encourage your daughters to date any number of those young fellows that you see hanging around in the street at various times of day. I’m sure that the presence of your family will add a new dimension of diversity to the ‘hood, and you can truly say that you are doing your part to bring diversity to an area! Any takers?”

    This is often followed by the sound of crickets.

    • mike4ty4 says:

      The problem is not not tolerating “losers”, the problem is RACIALIZING it. That is, it is not about tolerating “losers”, of any color, it is when you ASSOCIATE “loserdom” as an ATTRIBUTE of a particular color.

      Maybe we’re not all the “same”, but there is no entire racial group INTRINSTICALLY MORE BAD than any other.

  38. JenkPac Shakur says:

    Blacks are worthless and a danger to human lives to allow unrestrained in one’s community. No sense in tap dancing around the issue.

  39. Rob Us says:

    What a bunch of BS! You all have been suckered into this conversation just to make you question yourself and your feelings about racial issues.

    The woman or guy who wrote this original post was not being sincere and honest he/her was being hypothetical just so it stimulates your mind and make you think about racial issues.

    Do you want proof? Look at the way it was written it was written in a professional writer’s format on being general but not specific. The author is not being honest and playing psychological mind games with all of you so he/she can try to make you think like he/she wants you to without getting to the real specifics of the issue which does affect most Americans.

    And notice her first statement on her post was “I’m so ashamed to say I have racist thoughts.”. Do you see what I mean? She begins the topic was saying how she is ashamed to have racist thoughts but she never goes into detail about the negative issues he/she experienced making him/her feel that way.. Instead, he or she says great things about the minority people and how they work and they’re good people but she never gets into the issues regarding negative experiences which we all thought she would bring up in his/her post.
    Please don’t let these fake artificial writers keep you from pursuing the real issues and causes of disrespect, mistrust and frustrations people of different races have with living with other peoples of different races and cultures. And until every American is mixed race the negative experiences one race has living with other races will always exist and should be analyzed further but posts like this one don’t help us at all because none of the serious issues that affect different races against each other are never mentioned or discussed because writers like this keep you all from being distracted from discussing the real negative issues that need to be discussed and analyzed to make our mixed-race neighborhoods get along better living with each other.

  40. Isiah Card says:

    I attended a college class on black studies that taught me slavery is the indirect reason why black people are so economic unstable. Slavery bred racism and instilled it deep within America’s history. It is clear from the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement that black people were never truly going to be accepted by whites. Due to the baseless racism that they spread. Anyway this lead to discrimination in many social institutions. If it was happening in the voting process, it was probably happening in the workplace too. I mention this because I took a sociology class and learned that people are the product of their environment. Many people like you hold the same view. This hinders the ability of some people to move forward. So they do drastic things to get ahead. I’m not excusing anyone here, people should always be judged by they actions. I think this is the reason things are so screwed up. You’re right to feel anger, however, our fatal human flaw is to make things easier we make associations and generalize. African Americans have values just like everyone else, it’s just life doesn’t present the same opportunities.

  41. Rob Us says:

    What a bunch of BS! You all have been suckered into this conversation just
    to make you question yourself and your feelings about racial issues.

    The woman or guy who wrote this original post was
    not being sincere and honest he/her was being hypothetical just so it
    stimulates your mind and makes you think about racial issues.

    Do you want proof? Look at the way it was written
    it was written in a professional writer’s format on being general but not
    specific. The author is not being honest and playing psychological mind games
    with all of you so he/she can try to make you think like he/she wants you to
    without getting to the real specifics of the issue which does affect most

    And notice her first statement on her post was
    “I’m so ashamed to say I have racist thoughts.”. Do you see what I
    mean? She begins the topic was saying how she is ashamed to have racist thoughts but she never goes into detail about the negative issues she experienced making him or her feel that way.. Instead, he or she says all the great things about the minority people and how they work and they’re good people but she never asked into the issues regarding negative experiences which we all thought she would bring up in his/her post.

    Please don’t let these fake artificial writers keep you from pursuing the real issues and causes of disrespect, mistrust and frustrations people of different races have with living with other peoples of different races and cultures. And until every American is mixed race the negative experiences one race has living with other races will always exist and should be analyzed further but posts like this one don’t help us at all because none of the serious issues that affect different races against each other are never mentioned or discussed because writers like this keep you all from being distracted from discussing the real negative issues that need to be discussed and analyzed to make our mixed-race neighborhoods get along better living with each other.

  42. Danica says:

    I too am a worried mother, at our school the kids have been vocal and putting the blame on “the adults” as they say, who want to keep racism alive. And how they don’t share the mentality of adults who they say “should just die already”. This is a very diverse school, and to hear these kids make “die already’ remarks and their coy smiles is getting scary. I had to ask my kid what the hell is going on with these remarks? He said its “deserving”, “You adults deserve everything you get”.

  43. nicholas says:

    HI. Actually, if you,
    “Encounter an unknown a African American I am very defensive.”
    “Hence, I would move myself away from that person and would not give that person a chance to rob me and hurt me.”

    , that does make you racist. Unless you do that to every race and every culture equally without more emphasis being given to African Americans. I am for all intensive purposes black American. And when I encounter others from different cultures and nationalities I get that very apprehensive very defensive feeling as soon as they approach me, when I have done nothing wrong to make them feel that way. That immediately shuns me, makes me feel ‘less than’ and makes me feel like avoiding people and communication with people just for fear of them feeling I’m a be a threat to them. Then i find myself going out my way to reassure them so much to where as I can’t even be my own self. There is a problem in our country when things are at this level. And get this I am a police officer. Also a college graduate in the middle class don’t dress with my pants hanging down and don’t talk like a street person. I still get the same thing so guys, cant blame those reasons exclusively on people’s treatment towards blacks.

    if you get defensive around people it should be for a reason not just because they are black. Like if they say something to you look at you a certain way or do something to you to make you feel that way not just because they are black American. That is prejudice, and that is racist.

  44. CO says:

    truth hurts boy?

  45. Playa Hater says:

    As a Black person form Costa Rica that have family in the United States,
    I do not Apologize for the actions of any black person in the WORLD, i
    have no criminal record, i am in the process of getting a MBA, i mind my
    own bussiness, and doing good economically, therefore, if a person does
    not want to be close to me just because I am black, that is ok for me,
    as long as they do not disrespect me.

    Also i do not expect a
    white person to apologize for the shooting that took place in North
    Carolina, if they did not do it they have nothing to apologize for.

    use these types of experiences to justify their racism, I am sure that
    if it were white guys disrespecting her she would not have written this.

    By the way, i am aware that i might have committed some grammar mistakes.

  46. the guest says:

    Exactly. It’s lowlife, ignorant, ghetto blacks and their liberal white sympathizers who whine about oppression.

  47. the guest says:

    Exactly. It’s a person’s right to be cautious.

  48. Bill-D says:

    They are ni@@ers. There is NO explaining it any more than this. Savage, illiterate, bums with no self-respect and no control. Stay away from them and do not trust any of them.

    • Ghost Eyes says:

      Oh Billy… we meet again. Don’t you have something more important to do? Like join the Police force and help incarcerate more blacks than were enslaved in the 1850’s?
      Read your comment again and tell me who has no self-control or self-respect. No! The world should stay away from you Billy

      • Bill-D says:

        Ghost, still with the delusions.
        Idiot, No one was enslaved in the 1950’s. More “Black History” failures.
        Get ready to riot, burn, and spin over the next criminal thug.
        Why not leave and start your own “Black Utopia”? No one will stop you. Have a great holiday. Set on the porch and drink your 40 if it is not too cold. Run along and blog with the other losers who share your twisted point of view.

        • Ghost Eyes says:

          I bet you enjoy watching the riots don’t you? The next one may happen in a place where you have a loved one. I’ll probably see you on TV blaming it on all blacks. You call me an idiot because I’m now free and my son can marry your daughter and grow little beautiful mixed babies?
          I may be an idiot, but your kind work for me and I can FIRE them when I want to. I feed their families with my dark black hand.
          Now don’t you have something important to do like learning how to jump?

        • Ghost Eyes says:

          Learn to jump then come and talk to me little billy G

  49. mike4ty4 says:

    The thing is you think white people are better people. That is racism. You associate some behavior _with a race_, and assume you can assume that about a particular member, just by their race. That’s the problem. You yourself mentioned it, the media is the problem here, and yet you are saying that it is also a good picture to judge on.

  50. mike4ty4 says:

    Things do get passed down through the generations. Living conditions, prejudicial attitudes, wealth or _lack of wealth_. I find it weird here though that each group wants to proclaim its innocence, and say only the other is guilty or that it has the moral high ground. The Whites want to say “stop playing the victim card” with the implication their group is morally superior. Evil and wrong! The Blacks want to say that their group is superior, white is the devil. Again, evil & wrong. Asians want to say … Again, evil and wrong. Actually, we’re ALL guilty, of ALL these different races. None of us are on higher moral ground racially. We ALL contribute to these problems in some way or another. Whether it’s us committing the crimes, us creating the social conditions for the crimes, us benefitting from racism, or simply by refusing to rein in or rationalizing our animalistic prejudice tendency, we all have a bone in it, and only by recognizing this instead of pointing and saying “YOU are the ones who are the problem. We’re good!” will we ever move forward.

  51. Industrialist Machinist says:

    Every state, city and neighborhood I move into it is the same. Black kids, unsupervised, traveling in packs, making noise.
    Boyfriend, Uncle, Brother in house has subs and does not give a crap who wants the neighborhood to hear his music at whatever time.
    Paint peeling on house, roof needs fixed, driveway needs re-paved.

    Those, my friends, are the BEST CASE scenarios.

    Black neighbor #1. Boyfriend beat woman bloody, arrested. Boyfriend #2 Beat woman bloody, arrested. Black grandson, beats kid bloody for bike, arrested.

    Black neighbor #2 on other side. Fugitive brother shoots through their front porch due to family dispute. Our house gets burgled, we move. No black neighbors, no problems.

    Present. Black neighbor across street. Grandmom convicted pot dealer, daughter is party girl/drunk with 2 young sons. Constant noise, dept of health called due to green mosquito filled pool. More than 3 boyfriends at different times, constantly driving by, constant BOOM BOOM music. Daughter finally locked up, been nice and quiet.

    Black neighbor down street. House and yard looks great, older couple. 2 years no problem. 18 year old son shot and killed in yard on afternoon weekday after flashing gun at cops in backyard, was threatening someone and ran home and got busted.

    Of course, any effort to confront poor behavior and address grievances is met with, “You Racist”. Please turn the music down? “racist”. Hey, do you need to borrow my weedeater? “racist”. Please don’t let your children in my alleyway or property, there is a park down the street, “racist”.

    All I can do is call the police, city code enforcement, child services, health services and take pictures. How dare I hold them to the same standards as my white and Hispanic neighbors, I don’t want to be “RACIST”!

    • Ghost Eyes says:

      If you’re so high and mighty, then move out. You can’t live in the sewer and not expect to see s..t! You don’t have a say here.

      • Industrialist Machinist says:

        I am an average middle class white worker, homeowner, taxpayer and veteran. I DO have a say here. Should I move to an ALL WHITE neighborhood, where I won’t see crap? Any neighborhood with one or more black neighbor is a sewer?

        Your words, not mine.

        So, does high and mighty now mean being a law abiding good neighbor who takes care of my property?

        • Ghost Eyes says:

          You probably work for CNN. You’re good at stirring up trouble and misquoting people. That’s a proverb that I don’t expect you to be able to decipher.
          If you’re so disgusted, then move. No one is tying you down. Stop talking about other people’s family issues on this tread. The fact that they have dysfunctional families doesn’t give you the right to generalize your conclusions. You obviously can’t do anything about it, so move or be quiet.

          • Industrialist Machinist says:

            Your words, not mine. Maybe the decades of conditioning are slowly breaking for you.

            I don’t move, I don’t cut and run. I make my friends, family and neighborhoods better.

            They speak English, are healthy and have had all the same benefits granted to them and me. If it’s not poverty or dysfunction, what will be the new term to describe why blacks are not successful? Why does Darwin and biology apply to all animals except humans?

            I look forward to your future excuses and examples of safe, strong, economically viable black American cities and civilizations. Go on, I’ll wait.

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            If you make them better, then why complain? That’s what I’m saying? When you complain, it only shows you’re not helping from the bottom of your heart.
            Sorry, I won’t give you any excuses. I can’t do anything to change who your are inside. Believe what you want to believe, but don’t say Blacks are not successful. An educated person will say SOME blacks are not successful. Just as you’ve seen poor and unsuccessful Blacks, I’ve seen a fair share of poor and unsuccessful Whites, Hispanics and Asians. I don’t care about Darwin and his theories. Anyone can believe they evolved from monkeys… it’s their right to believe what they want. I know I didn’t evolve.
            Well, back to what I was saying. If you’re not moving, then no one here can help you. What do you want us to do? Arrest them again? Don’t make an entire race look bad because of your experience with a few. It affects the lives of the remaining good ones negatively. I won’t waste my time talking about safe, strong, economically viable Black American cities. You see what you see. I’ll let you believe what you want. Again, it’s your right!

          • Industrialist Machinist says:

            The fable of the frog and scorpion is a lesson I have learned too many times with my fellow black Americans.

            I don’t deal in absolutes, but I do have great confidence in science and the Bell Curve studies.

            My 50 years on the earth have taught me the difference between what I WANT to believe, and what is reality. My experiences are not “just a few”. They are varied, in different states, countries and times in my life.

            I know you won’t waste you time telling me about safe, strong, economically viable Black American cities, because there are none. At this point, I don’t have the answers, and frankly, I really don’t care anymore.

            Show me another country where there are too many brown, black or yellow people that need more white diversity. I am making my stand and letting people of my kind know that there is an agenda. I am going to fight it.

          • Ghost Eyes says:

            50 years in America not 50 years around the world. You don’t know anything about the world so please be quiet. You may have only traveled to Canada and Germany in your short life.You can believe in whatever scientific theories you want. I am WELL traveled and I have seen so many strong Black communities. More than I can count. When you retire, try to travel the world if you can afford it. Don’t depend on CNN or BBC to tell you about this WONDERFUL world. As I said, I won’t argue with you. You could also use google or read a book and you’ll find out about strong and thriving Black communities.
            When we die, all this color BS may not matter… if it does, then we’ll continue to deal with it. Remember, we’re all the same color when you turn off the lights. You never know when you’ll need help from someone different from you. People need organs everyday. Will a black person’s heart make you lazy? Will our livers or kidneys make you drink? An entire race cannot all be programmed to act the same, unless there is something in our water you’re not telling me about. Well, enjoy being white and judging all people of color at your age. I’m black and I’ve done and continue to do so much for poor and unsuccessful whites. A white girl I was helping stole my laptop with my thesis and all of my life’s work. She sold it and I never got it back. It was too late when she got caught. Did I stop helping whites? Did I judge all whites and call them thieves? No! I see lots of white people doing drugs and getting divorces everyday. Does that make all whites addicts and divorcees? I was called the “N” word and a pig by a naive white man, the same individual said all blacks should hang or return to plantations. Is it okay if I believe you think the same about me too? Is it okay? No. I know it’s just that individual’s way of thinking and his beliefs may not be the same as yours. I don’t go around screaming all whites are racists. Some people may, but that’s on them. Whites have helped me a lot and I’ve helped them too. If you think I’m lazy, ignorant or ghetto because I’m Black, you’re entitled to your beliefs. I know I have a bad side and I say bad things sometimes, but I also have a good side and people love it. Stealing is stealing. Be it money from a bank or money from your spouse. I’m equally as human as you are and if I should be judged based on the sins of my kind, so should you. If you point a finger at me, 3 are pointing back at you. Anyway, I’m done ranting. Truth is, your situation is a tough one and come to really think of it. I wouldn’t move either. I feel your pain.

  52. Quizackhaderack Atreides says:

    As a minority I agree with what you are saying to a degree. It depends on the area and people that live there on how you are treated. I lived in Arverne and watch white people walk their dogs in peace through the project as for me I got stare downs by blacks, why, because I am of mix race American (Filipino, Sioux, African american and Scot Irish) and people tend to think I am a foreigner.

    In my life experience I realized if the population is over populated with black people it should be avoided. For a neighborhood to be decent the whites must out number all minorities. That is a sad fact.

    I lived in NYC for most of my life and moved to Kentucky because of hurricane sandy. I am so glad to move here, even though you do come across whites that are bigots, it is far better than living with blacks or Hispanics. White people basically leave you alone in comparison to blacks, who seem to have a need to insert themselves into your life just walking down the street. Blacks seem to look for trouble or tend to start it. I can say this because I do come from a Black family even though we are really mixed, its just like that for what even reason we are considered black.

    In Kentucky there are areas they considered ghetto, I say you do not know ghetto until you live in NYC. The poor whites live much cleaner than poor blacks and at least act more like human beings than poor blacks. I know a lot of blacks will hate what I have to say, but the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

    In NYC I had to constantly put my guards up and can not display any so-called softness. It is tiring to have to live like that, it is refreshing that I can walk down the street and not have to put up a front of being a tough guy. The feeling that you can actually be yourself is liberating. The whites who think they are superior do not bother me at all, at least I do not have to worry about them following me to cause harm. It is better than people who have low self esteem or an inferior complex, they are the worst, in order to live with them you literally have to dumb yourself down.

    I am not a self hater at all, but the truth is the truth.

  53. Bill-D says:

    With the facts staring you right in the face, what don’t you understand?

    • Ghost Eyes says:

      It had to be a Bill… it just had to be a bill. Go and educate them to be like you. Don’t sit in your recliner and read facts. Be an agent of change Billy

  54. cubanflowers says:

    pure comedy ………how people will serve a meal that…. they have trouble eating themselves…….. my original comment was removed…. but those who agree with the madness which is this topic…. comments were allowed to stand still…..
    let me try again….

    i feel the exact same… way ….as the writer… about pink people… especially the american ones… ..only i don’t have any as friends.. and father God and mother nature knows…. i have never NEVER contemplated taken one as my lover!… ABOMINATION!…

    many people.. will not admit to this but i am very afraid of pink people… again.. especially the american ones. … just look at all the acts of abomination they have committed in the states and abroad…..

    ever since.. those people skin mutated to pink… all they have done was terrorized and commit all manner of wickedness… check history… .. not just american history.. but global!..

    pink. people… have never ever been able to agree..or get along with anyone… not even with those.. who share their hue!…anyway… i have neighbors too… blacks of many different ethnicity… and also… pink hasidics.. and orthodox..jewish.

    the pink jews… have babies like cacaroach …rat and rabbit!….and are constantly playing the role of a victim and accusing every soul who is with breath in their lungs of being an antisemitic!… i am called that ‘slur’.. and other madness in yiddish.. almost daily…. these people are not only my……neighbors… .they are also my clients…i work for NYCHRA…..

    my black neighbors.. own businesses.. and are hard working… i also have 2 black families as tenants… never had a problem with them….either…but… i have.. with those judios!..rosado!……….my neighbors!……

    i try not to judge.. everyone who is with a pinkish hue… for the accions of the asinine.. and wicked of their race…….but it’s hard…when i get the time..or desire to do so.. ……. i will pray on it….. be blessed

  55. Robert Santos says:

    Maybe because you never knew the extent of the degree of racial hostility of African Americans towards White people.

  56. Ghost Eyes says:

    Try walking anywhere late at night. Anyone from any race could attack you. Not just blacks. By the way, what are you looking for late at night if not trouble? Don’t even dare come at me with that work BS. We all know you work during the day.

  57. Ghost Eyes says:

    A puppy born into captivity is in captivity. How’s that for critical thinking?

  58. Ghost Eyes says:

    If you had such a roommate, then why can’t your knuckle head see that blacks are not all bad? Also, that proves that, given the opportunity, majority of the unprivileged blacks could be like your roommate… Willing to go to a good school and becoming responsible citizens. We’re being oppressed and you know it! Deny it all you want. It will only eat you inside. Embrace it and you can make a change

  59. Ghost Eyes says:

    You want to go there billy goat? Questions: why do white women inject their lips with botox? Why do they increase the size of their behinds with sillicon? We know who wants to be like who. Talk about Tanning… hahaha you want that melanin don’t you?
    Anyway, I promise you. One of my brothers got to your daughter or daughters already. They know what kind of a father you are, so they won’t tell you. Maybe on your dying bed they will.
    You know what? Next week, I’ll FIRE a white male who was rude to a customer. Also, because it’s the new age and I can do it. He won’t qualify for unemployment either. You low life moron. Unlike you, I welcome and hire ALL human beings. I only lookout for donkeys like you and FIRE them.
    All you can do now billy goat is reminisce and get off on how you used to treat blacks in your day. Now, you MUST share the bathroom and share spoons with us at restaurants. I hope this makes you sick, so your daughters can finally come out to you about their adventures with my kind hahahaaa

  60. Ghost Eyes says:

    Yeah, I agree. Good times… your kids will work for my kids, while my kids spend their time learning more about their culture. Again, Black is beautiful, ageless and royal.

    • Bill-D says:

      You are out of your mind. Is reality too stark for you? The Blue Gum will ALWAYS have the small, shyty end of the stick, because, well, they are Blue Gums. Grow up and learn how to use that broom. You may make some money for weed and 40s.

      • Ghost Eyes says:

        At least I make money and I don’t try to sleep with my male cousin named Bubba. We know who does. Speaking of small sticks… we know who got the small end hahahaa. I swear you don’t satisfy your wife. Again, she’ll tell you about the brothers she rode on your death bed. I promise you she rode a brother. Go do a wheelie or something. Hahahaa

        • Bill-D says:

          All you Black boys are on the “down low”. You nasty bunch of monkeys. Highest percentage of HIV/AIDS cases are young BLACK males. They are being turned phagg by older BLACK phaggs. Go break dance or invest in some gold toothed Rap phaggot.

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