I used to hate being light-skinned

SAM_0457Jason Gist,
Beaverton, OR.

I grew up in public housing where it seemed like I was the lightest kid around. From an early age I knew that blacks had a color complex amongst themselves. Ideal beauty for a male ment being dark, female light. The further down you went in opposition to that ideal was undesirable. In the end light skinned men and dark women share a negative space. It bothered me and at times it hurt, when the one group I was supposed to belong to treated me like an outcast. Then I got older and stopped caring and starting living for myself.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …color complexes are a result of Societal indoctrination where lightness of color is considered better actually. But it varies according to the people involved and what their indoctrination is. You should know that Black is a slang term, adopted in the 60’s as a counter to White and to give African Americans a pride factor that was not based on Racial hate, but Racial pride against the negativity implied in this society for the color Black. When you use and believe in a color term it is false ethnicity…it yields confusion due to it’s ambiguity. No one who identifies as African or Black ha sit easy color wise in America. THAT IS WHY KNOWING AND ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR ROOTS WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER WHEN FACING THE IGNORANCE OF COLOR ID!

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