We are all of the human race.

Tommy Edward Sarmiento,
Columbus, OH.

Don’t wash anything, with color, with darkness nor with white light. All human beings have a right to express and interpret and grow within themselves ideas; ideas of love, of what we fear, what makes us think “isn’t that strange?” Freedom and equity should belong to each human. We should love unconditionally. There’s only one problem, we just don’t. Somewhere along the lines we learned another way, we learned of hatred and of inequalities and have done things that no amount of time nor reparations a can ever erase. Perhaps it’s best not to erase, seeing as though that which is not recorded and passed down cannot be learned from. There’s too much to lose from erasing racism and the unfairness and brutal actions of the past. We can only forgive and grow to achieve harmony as a human race.

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