We built this country on genocide; slavery.

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  1. Love live the Boer people says:

    So the building of USA had nothing to do with great, intelligent men? Great men who reached for the stars (and literally landed on the moon)? Great, creative men who cultivated the world’s best economy, artists, and scientists? What country in the past did not at one point use slavery? What race has not experienced genocide, enslavement? Your words no longer work with me; I am 100% white, I am proud. #PART OF THE RACE WHO CREATED WESTERN CIVILIZATION, AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH IT. Tell the non-whites if we’re so evil, to please stay out of our countries. That’s all! Thanks!

    • JP says:

      Take it easy pal and get off your high horse. Stating facts is not anti-white, or is telling the truth anti-white.

      “Great men” is a load of bull wallop. The guy didn’t want to pay tax, so he started a war and won – con grates. But keep your teary eyed, hand on heart patriotic fools rhetoric to yourself. Idiot.

    • Hadiya says:

      Considering Europeans borrowed most of their math and science from Arabs, Africans, and Chinese people…

    • Brutus says:

      First thing you need to do is just acknowledge and accept that slavery WAS a major factor in developing what we know today as the US, a fact is a fact. Nobody said that means that white people are evil OR that you shouldnt be proud of who you are. Its nothing to get defensive about..

  2. komradtombstone says:

    I would remind people that slavery and genocide are two very different things, and it’s a shame that people are constantly using the two terms as if they are interchangeable today. Genocide is the systematic destruction of a people, while slavery requires a subjugated people to continue existing. In fact, in the case of the US certainly, slave-owners often attempted to breed better slaves. There was no intention to kill off their slaves; what use would a slave system be if the people in charge killed off all their slaves? If you’re going to say the US is built on anything, it’s treason: treason to their lawful King!

    • kgustavson says:

      I would say that while slavery describes the way white Southerners, especially wealthy ones, treated African-Americans, genocide is indeed a term worth considering when discussing the U.S. government’s treatment of Native Americans. Cultural “genocide”–conversions, Indian boarding schools, forced relocations–as well as actual attempts to exterminate groups of people to be able to claim their land are indeed part of this country’s history.

      • olblue9 says:

        Good card. Great reply. Great Pride is placed upon the stories of the Buffalo Soldiers who left their land and came to America to kill and runoff the American Indians. If only they had realized just how much they had in common!

      • JP says:

        If you think that only white southerns held slaves you need to go read a book.

        Slaves built the white house – you dummy.

        • PhillyStateCollege says:

          Black Africans are the ones who captured other black Africans for sale into the slave trade, not white Europeans. In fact, black Africans are still today enslaving other black Africans, just like they always have. Blacks enslaving blacks in Africa never stopped, that’s how f’n stupid they are.

          • Hadiya says:

            This is true, and even in the United States blacks owned other blacks. But I refuse to chalk it up to stupidity. Money encourages people to enslave others.

          • brutus says:

            ANY black person could be owned. NO white person could be owned by a black person.

          • hopeless says:

            you need to go back to class Brutus.

          • John says:

            I see your point, however the fact this country in particular gained its establishment and a foot hold through the act of slavery shouldn’t be seen or taken lightly which in honest is all the time. There’s no reason to answer to someone who accuses of you of having a history of slavery because your white. No one is doing that, is it simply that hard to imagine the united states was founded on it though? Because it was and no other part of the world has had so much success with a system like slavery at such a late time ,18th -19th century while all the while parading ethnocentric, androcentric christian beliefs while pushing out native Americansfrom their homes, because Europeans believed they had the right to claim it using gun powder. Powder invented by Chinese alchemists by the way.
            If anything, have a little human empathy with an understanding for the indignity of it, not as a white man but as a human!
            F*ck this “race card” idea its called the truth, trying to label it as using being kind of ploy is just the majority who happen to be white and have an issue not owning up to the fact that there’s still racism that exists today. this country was built on it and segregation existed only around 50 years or so ago. Fact. Im white/latino and I do think we need to progress together as humans which time will do of course.It doesn’t mean we can acknowledge our past as dark and morally bankrupt.

          • Reynard Vulpes says:

            And this is grounds for forgiving Europeans and Americans for their involvement in slavery?

            How so?

          • hopeless says:

            But it’s so much easier to “forgive” the black Africans and the Arab Muslims who kept, cultivated and sold black African slaves who were originally African prisoners of war from conquered tribe . . . and where is the vitriol towards Africans who are partaking in MODERN SLAVERY RIGHT NOW!! keeping and selling their OWN PEOPLE for financial gain?

            please clarify something for me … if you admit that Europeans and Americans were not exclusively involved in the trans Atlantic slave trade, but also the Arab Muslims and black African slave traders who SOLD and/or TRADED black Africans (THEIR OWN PEOPLE to those “Europeans, and Americans” for money or goods . . . .where is your anger toward them?

            Have you even studied the HISTORY of slavery, WORLDWIDE? . . . if you did, you would have learned that the “Europeans and Americans” you are so furious with were not the first “people” to own slaves . . .

            fun fact here; Actually, millions of white Europeans were taken and used as slaves during the 16th-18th century by African muslims, history refers to this as the ‘Barbary slave trade’ do yourself a favor . . . look it up! . .the male slaves were kept as galley slaves, and the women for kept as sex slaves.

            try this. . . think of slavery as a negative, disgusting element which is ‘unfortunately a part of human history. . . but , despite the COMPLETE history of slavery, worldwide, blacks are the ONLY people who are using slavery as an excuse for hostility and violence toward modern whites. That’s right, slaves of ALL skin colors, races, origin have been sold, traded, kept and used for CENTURIES . . . is it right? is it humane?? HELL NO!

            Do you ACTUALLY believe that since I have white skin, I, personally must be held accountable for the suffering of people of a certain or other era? . . people who are ONLY connected with me through the fact that we are all HUMANS who have habitated this planet.

            CAN humans be responsible for HORRIFIC acts throughout history? (that means war, torture, genocide and slavery throughout the course of world history) sadly, Of course they can, and we HAVE . . . when I start to think about it all, the first emotion is disappointment , then comes shame and sorrow that we can be so cruel to each other, as a species.

            What really baffles me is the modern anger and contempt directed at people with white skin by people with black skin . . . the reason being the trans atlantic slave trade and American segregation. . . . when I could be EQUALLY as angry with African muslims for taking and owning WHITE SLAVES long ago. I could ALSO, by your apparent reasoning, be furious with modern black people because I am aware of the WHITE GENOCIDE in HAITI which occurred, or the current killings of white people by black supremacists in South Africa. . . . that angers me, sure, but I’d have to be an ignorant IDIOT if I were to hold any or every black man I meet responsible for these horrible violent acts during the history of the world.

            I guess, what I’m really wondering is this . . . Do you hate me because I disagree with you? Do you think that because of my skin color I do not DESERVE a certain way of life, because I am ‘inherently evil” and a “plague on this earth”?

            It’s funny how the word ‘racist’ is so often thrown at a white person by a black person, when everything ABOUT the black persons REASONING or JUSTIFICATION for such hate, embraces the very EXAMPLE of the ‘racist doctirne’.

          • Brutus says:

            Nothing to do with stupidity. It sounds like you think the continent of Africa was just a big vast land with a mass of unruly black folk trying to catch each other… it wasnt. They were warring tribes/nations who would sell their prisoners/captives (some others, I guess, WERE just out for straight-up greed). Dont forget, those Africans had very little or NO IDEA of the racial/systematic nature of European slavery at that time, so its no a case of “selling each other” and dont let anybody pull the wool over your eyes by telling you different.

    • JP says:

      Jesus white people like you are disgusting. You try to make light of something as terrible as slavery by basically saying, at least they were alive.

      God you make this race seem backwards and de-evolving.

  3. White Light says:

    All countries are built on genocide and slavery, just as all countries are nations of immigrants.

  4. Terrance Howard says:

    Actually, the closest kin to a chimp transformed to beautiful, sexy octo-quadroons/mulattas is a miracle of God.

    • Reynard Vulpes says:

      Presuming you are white, you do not qualify as to defining what is and isn’t beautiful in the Black race, or the asian, or the AmerIndian.

      What may seem pretty to you, and sexy, may not seem so to Blacks.

      Ever consider that?

      Even white standards of beauty change over time. Look at really really old photographs.

      • TheSunGodHatesWhitePeople says:


        Columbus thought he sailed to India; he is an idiot and fraud
        The discoverer is still an Italian however.

        The earliest record of the word “America” was recorded by Amerigo Vespucci, an Itailian man and Cartographer, who discovered South America, known mainly as Brazil. Then Martin Waldseemuel, also a Cartographer, gave the continents the name as a memorial to Amerigo Vespucci. America is a European establishment, not tribal, though in Europe, as are the people who are native to the continents, all were tribal in the beginning. Latin came out from Latium Italy, so Latin America is European in essence, if not in blood. There is Germanic, Celtic, and Scandinavian tribes; four different tribes in China, Mongolia, etc.. Everything is tribal in essence.
        The tribes of the western continents never knew the word “America” or “Indian” because they lived by their tribal names, both collectively and individually of each tribe.
        The United States of America is the memorial and realization of the New World, that is sown and flourished by European explorers with educational value of the old world.
        Africans helped build, but it was not solely Africans; they were under authoritarian rule, as Slavery was technically legal until 1865. Where there is no law, there is no crime (or sin). Therefore the native tribes had no laws, thus subjected to war, which is a tribal custom for disputes. All tribes throughout the world reserved that custom: The Germanic Tribes destroyed the Roman Empire from within, then the rise of Protestantism, which is created a by a Germanic people.
        Latin and German tribes have always warred. But Germans are known to be a peaceful loving people, but when someone threatens their culture, traditions, and heritage, they will not look the other way. Rome knows this very well.

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