We have so far to go

Peggy Wagner Kimble
Glencoe, IL

President Obama’s election in 2008 was one of the highlights of my life. The relentless
racist backlash against the President diminishes all of us every day.

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2 Responses to "We have so far to go"
  1. Krane says:

    I would dislike the president even more if he was White.

  2. Kenya says:

    I do agree with you there was racist backlash against the president but however some people looked at president obama in a different light. they wanted a president that could actually make a change not just make history as the first black president of the united states but be able to get us out of a recession to create more jobs better living for the lower and middle class. they wanted a smart man not just a black man because if being a black president was all that people cared about then in that case i could have ran for president. obama i will admit did propose things that i didnt agree with or think that would be helpfull in moving us further in a good way as a nation. when running for president race or ethnic background does not matter. when finding the best president to lead a country there should be questions you should be asking yourself such as : will president obama in the next 4 years to 8 years have us in a different place than where we were before he began his presidency can you see him speaking out not only for the black but every race and atleast began to get us on the right track as time progresses. and most off all can you see him leading us moving us forward not backward as nation

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