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One Response to "White. Not allowed to be proud."
  1. Dave says:

    Because white was defined to mean “no mixing”, the very name was made to be a symbol of purity and perfection. The pride in that, is not pride in one self, but in rejecting others. It’s not the fault of whites today, but it’s interesting:

    Some people of European heritage won’t be counted as white, but will be counted as black. You know why? Because these same people are also of African heritage.

    What then of the dark skinned, curly haired person with african looking features who has a white father, or grandfather?

    Shall they be white, accepted “AS WHITE” by the proud whites… and I mean EMOTIONALLY white, not just “technically” white.

    No. It won’t happen. Not unless there is this emotional rejection by that black person of their blackness. Think Clarence Thomas to the 3rd power.

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