WHITE feminism. I live with contradiction.

Danielle Nelson
Winston Salem, NC

I’m proud to be a feminist, but I’m not proud of the unspoken privilege that comes with being a white feminist. Fighting privilege with privilege? It’s so contradictory, yet I cannot ignore both these parts of my identity. WHITENESS consumes me every day, every minute, but because it’s so ingrained in society, I sometimes fail to see it. The never ending battle…race and gender, gender and race. Inseparable, but yet such a complex, complicated narrative…..

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4 Responses to "WHITE feminism. I live with contradiction."
  1. Roxy Unora says:

    I really identify with your note. Thank you.

  2. Brian Jr. says:

    Can you tell me where I can find some of this white privilege?

  3. reflectalittle says:

    I voiced these same feelings to a Native American professor I had. He said, “be an ally.” When I do get overwhelmed by the complex complicated narrative, I recenter myself with the simple guidance he gave. Thank you for your post.

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