“White girls should marry white boys!”

Janet Little
Dayton, OH

From a rural, small town- I hadn’t seen any couples that were of different races. During the 1994 OJ Simpson trials, at age 6, I ignorantly asked my mother, “Was that black boy married to that white girl that died?” Her only response was: “Yes, but white girls should only marry white boys and black girls should marry black boys.” When I asked why, she said because that’s how it is. To this day, it still makes me cringe.

My husband and I will be having children within the next few years. She doesn’t know that we’ve thought and prayed about adopting children, with a particular heart for Ethiopia.

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  • Tim

    White woman that marry black men are 11 times more likely to be murdered by their husbands than if they married a white man. Too bad your mother couldn’t give you that little factoid.

    • Valentine Logar

      Mind telling where that ‘factoid’ comes from. Just curious.

    • Rob

      Ya i would like to know to. That sounds
      like a feminist math figure.

  • Whitey

    It’s a pity you have no loyalty to your race or ethnicity. You do know their are plenty of white children starving in the world? Even if the media doesn’t like to show them. There are White South African children who need adopted. You do know that White South Africans are on World Genocide Watch? The blacks there have killed so many of them that they have been put on World Genocide Watch.
    I’m not saying it’s not sad that there are needy Ethiopian children, but they would benefit and have an easier time with blacks adopting them, while needy white children are almost always overlooked anymore; they don’t get organizations and televised messages letting the world know of their plight.

    • Colince Bolanga

      I feel not sorry for them. White people had no business in south africa, for starters. they were not very well intentioned, either…karma

      • Meredith

        I “don’t” feel sorry for them.

        Learn English.

      • James Welsh

        Lol, right. So I won’t be sorry when Europeans get tired of being overrun with Africans and decide to kill them off. Who cares if the children born there had no choice. Because apparently it’s okay to kill a certain people on a continent if their race originates in another.
        Or is it just considered all right if it’s blacks killing whites in Africa? That’s all right to you, eh? But it’s probably not okay in your warped mind if whites kill blacks in Europe.
        Shut up and go back to school, idiot.

  • White Light

    Worked out so well for “that white girl,” didn’t it?

  • Colince Bolanga

    racist, close minded, conservative white girls aren’t really on demand…lol sorry

    • Meredith

      Lol, conservative women are more “in demand” than liberal women.

      • Skullyz

        Beautiful conservative white women like Mary that don’t date outside the race are basically the gold standard because they are increasingly rare these days.

        • disqus_TCynHc2Ku9

          Hell Yaaaaa

          • disqus_TCynHc2Ku9

            Sad situation in Vancouver, almost no white women left.

    • disqus_TCynHc2Ku9

      First , theyre not racist like you, second, conservative women are in heavy demand, and 3rd You don’t get it because your liberal.
      The End

  • James Welsh

    You’re beautiful 😉

    It’s impossible to take Colince seriously after the garbage they posted in response to Whitey


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