White guilt is killing American society

Christopher Nook
Athens, GA

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27 Responses to "White guilt is killing American society"
  1. DumbHonky says:

    It’s only called “Racist” when Whites do it. Anti-Racist is just a codeword for Anti-White.

    • Colince Bolanga says:

      White people shaped our society the way it is. There were going to be consequences and backlashes…

      • c684570 says:

        Yes, White people did turn the USA into a superpower within 200 years. Something not achieved in the 20,000 years prior.

        Backlashes against massive White Guilt, I agree.

        • David Jackson says:

          white people did not make usa a superpower alone. it was by untilizing the tremendous leverage allowed on the backs of enforced servitude, essentially two hundred years of unpaid labor. the wealth of this country could not have been created without black labor. the superstructure of our society owes a debt to that labor. the deprivation of the african continent is in direct correlation to what has been stolen from it by non african societies…

          • c684570 says:

            And Whites directed ALL OF THAT.

            Black slavery was rampant all over the world and MOST of all in Africa. If slavery alone created superpowers without good leadership, we would expect Africa to be a current superpower.

            So the conditions you claim to be both necessary and sufficient for success are in fact neither.

          • FransSusan says:

            That is total propaganda and nonsense. Only a tiny % of whites owned slaves. Furthermore, there were far more people enslaved that just blacks. They’re just the only ones who aren’t intelligent enough to get over it and take responsibility for themselves.

  2. Whitey says:

    I know, whites don’t have the unity other races have in this country. It’s sad 🙁

  3. olblue9 says:

    Maybe…But if you dig a little deeper, I believe the root of the problem is more economics than racial. Greed was the driving force behind slavery in the America’s and all other cases. Cheap labor is the reason for bringing the Irish, Chinese, and Latino’s into the country to begin with. You cannot blame any of these groups for their coming to this fine country. If you like to play the blame game, blame the greed of the people who wanted the cheap labor. Without them, all of the different groups would have stayed in their homelands, and less “white” folks would have been exposed to different cultures. But, without this blend of cultures, we would all be still eating bland English food. Is it really worth it in the long run?

  4. Hadiya says:

    And I’m sick of white people who think having ancestors who were systematically kept out of the system for 400 years is easy to get over.

    • olblue9 says:

      Yeah, I can just imagine now, all of those mean “white” folks at their “keep the black folks down” weekly meetings. Great, lots of people feel that they have been wronged by somebody in their past. This forum should be used for constructive solutions to help us all move forward. What can be done to solve the situation?

      • Hadiya says:

        Relations between people shouldn’t be founded on ignorance, for starters. White people should realize that if prosperity in the US is a race, non-whites started _way_ behind whites and have to run the same amount. But on the other hand, there shouldn’t be widespread demonization of people just because they’re white. The latter is hard to achieve because of history and mutual distrust.

        • olblue9 says:

          I believe that the best way to reduce the tension between all races is through economic reform. All of the media should support business, and racial leaders from both sides to push for an increase in private sector jobs in America. We have wealthy American investors who are glorified throughout the media, after basically moving their manufacturing plants to China in order to exploit a modern form of slave labor. The best way to improve everybody’s chances of achieving the “American Dream” depends on having a good job. Not all of us can live at the top of the heap, a middle wage manufacturing job beats minimum wage service industry jobs or welfare any day.

        • c684570 says:

          Actually, non-Whites get far more advantages in post-secondary education, government job quotas, federally-mandated bank loan quotas, and on and on.

      • c684570 says:

        Not to mention, Black people get tons of advantages Whites don’t get in post-secondary education and still perform far worse. Must be the White Man keeping him down somehow. Weird that the results are the same in historically Black schools too.

    • c684570 says:

      Yeah, because that never happened to Russians, Chinese, Polish, and a whole host more. People of color have had 50 years of handouts and still can’t keep up. New Chinese immigrants fresh out of communism perform better than the children of affirmative action Blacks.

      All people suffered. Only some keep making excuses for it.

    • Bill-D says:

      You dumb blacks cant remember your multiplication tables, but you can recite, verbatim the crap some insane Black or some self-hating White wrote on the internet.
      This is just another ploy for the Whites to continue to create more programs and laws that favor the Blacks. They take the money, and spit in your face.

  5. Colince Bolanga says:

    you mean the world “owes you nothing.” silly white girl…lol

  6. c684570 says:

    Take your White Guilt and shove it! Treasonous beasts!

  7. Attila says:

    If you believe that whites should be
    responsible for the crime of the American slave keepers hundreds of
    years ago then I would like to hold the people of the Muslim Ottoman Empire responsible for enslaving 3 million of my people the Hungarians. The
    Ottomans were Mediterranean somewhat brown race predominately. They also had Moors (African blacks) in their army. Just as all whites are blamed for the crime of the American slave keepers hundreds of years ago as a Hungarian I want to blame the this brown race and the black Moors and their religion (Islam) that slaved my people for 150 long years.
    I must also include the Mongols who wiped out half of the population of Hungary in 1241. It was a massacre of epic proportion basically exterminating half of
    the population. When they left the country they also took women
    with them to use and sell for sex slavery. That is why I want
    to include the savage Mongol (North East Asian) race in to the list of evil races. Since we Hungarians never slaved and colonized anyone I would love to punish
    those races severely for the crimes of their ancestors.

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