White means struggle, not better, Bigot!

Jeff Bowlin
Kingsport, TN

Throughout history the white race has been the dominate race for only one reason, struggle. Humans with lighter skin lived further north and had to endure cold winters. In order to survive, they had to invent better places to live, and more ingenious things to survive in harsher environments. Humans with darker skin generally lived in more temperate climates where the daily struggle is mostly limited to food. Necessity is the mother of invention and that is the only reason that the lighter races progressed faster than darker races. Whites need to remember that they are where they are today not because they are smarter, stronger, or better, but because they were not content to stay where they were. Whites have no reason to look down upon other races. The reality of the story of the white race is that they were just too stubborn, arrogant, or short-sighted to stay around the fire with the others. They wandered off into the wild like disobedient children and then had to keep inventing things to make a life for themselves. All that the white race has fought for is the life that their darker brothers and sisters already had because they were smart enough to be content with what they had.

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5 Responses to "White means struggle, not better, Bigot!"
  1. Mills Wood says:

    Yes, truly the world would be a much better place if we had never developed any civilization or invented anything beyond mud huts and sticks.

  2. Nick Digger says:

    You are trying to say that we whites have invented more, and that we’re smarter and more accomplished, but in the same breath you scold us for being ‘disobedient children’? Your bigotry is amazing.

  3. katie says:

    You openly admit whites are responsible for all the progress that humans have achieved, then try to demonize white people for not being content sitting around the Serengeti and getting eaten by lions. I’ll take both as complements. (I suppose the irony of you posting your comment with a computer is lost on you, or perhaps you also still scratch comments on trees and rocks)

  4. siema PL says:

    Do you realise that you are saying that no one should be proud if they solve a problem they encounter, and that ot giving up when facing challenges is a bad thing?

  5. peter j says:

    Very politically correct article, but complete nonsense never the less. I guess that when all the logical reasons have been thrown out there, one has to dig deeper to get the illogical ones into print.

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