White mom of bi-racial child forgotten.

Peggy Person
Cleveland, TN

I have always been so disappointed in “America”, for labeling bi-racial, or mixed race children as one race or the other. I am a white woman, who has had to listen to society brainwash my child into believing that he can be accepted as “anything but white”. I raised him to believe that we are all equal, and then even our president took the title as “black president”, trying to nullify the fact that he is not really black, but bi-racial. Why am I, as the mother who gave birth to this child, and raised him, forgotten, and erased from his identity?

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7 Responses to "White mom of bi-racial child forgotten."
  1. Steven says:

    I believe that
    this issue has just come to your attention, so if anything has affected your
    child then it was unconditionally done by media and or peers. It was not primarilyyour fault; however there is some type of responsibility to parents to teachtheir children to be proud of their roots. I think that every child should knowsome history of their culture. It is necessary in order for them to feel uniqueand special, or else they will feel like a complete outsider. It should be an honor to be different, however in our society it is better to follow than to
    lead. It shouldn’t be this way, but unfortunately it is. We need to do our part
    as adults to teach our young ones to accept the culture, ethnicities, languages
    that we are being brought up with.

  2. Bethany says:

    I agree. My child is bi-racial and I, as his white mother, am often forgotten when other people choose to label him. He is fifty percent of his father and fifty percent of me. You can’t ignore either side just because it makes it easier for you. His history and his culture come from both of us, not just one.

  3. Pearl says:

    I agree, I’m biracial but no one consider me as white, eventhough my father is white and the only parent I’ve after my mother passed away when I was 2. No-one sees the white in me, which was confusing when I was younger, because I told I wasn’t white before I could form an idea of what I was…

  4. George Bailey says:

    … “Even our president took the title as “black president, …”

    When did he do that? I want time and place. Post the headline. Show me his quote.

    I may agree largely with your overall sentiment but that statement is quite silly and totally inaccurate.

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