b2e87fd8-2bbc-44f3-94f7-f382bc8cafe0-1Holly Rhodes,
Pitts, GA.

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3 Responses to "WHITE AND I AM NOT SORRY"
  1. PoeticJusticeLeague says:

    Not sorry about what? Being white? We come in all colors. Accept the world as it is. Embrace it. Expand your universe. Make a new friend who is not white. Talk. See how you are similar, how you are different. Jump out of the “white” box and see the world! You can always jump back in, close the curtains and lock the doors (don’t let the old rules imprison you–you have your whole life ahead of you).

  2. barry irving says:

    …you’re caught up…who do you think is concerned?

  3. IIlI says:

    good and i agree.

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