White, red-headed, looked at suspiciously.

Belinda Spinosi
Columbus, OH

From “Dr.” Laura stating red heads are genetic mistakes, retail stores tailing you, men thinking you are a different species to conquer but not marry, to can’t take a walk in your neighborhood because police think you are working girl…from a white woman’s perspective…I have always understood how so wrong people get color.

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  1. Guest says:

    I am a black a female and have a dear friend who is white, freckle-faced and VERY ginger. Your statements are very true. As a matter of fact, what helped us bond years ago while were both living in Arizona was how badly she was treated! I would kid her and ask “Are you sure you’re not a minority underneath all those freckles?” However, she ultimately got the last laugh on everyone as she is happily married…to another ginger! And now with baby, they make three little ginger peas in a pod. Hang in there!

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