White: Walk Free– Black: We’ll See

Laurence Barry
North Attleboro, MA

The above is a reference to our double-standard justice system.

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One Response to "White: Walk Free– Black: We’ll See"
  1. barry irving says:

    ..what ever do you mean by that???

    …I am African American and “we’ll see me” walking free every day. Straight down to my business establishment right off downtown in Upstate, N.Y.

    …2 1/2+ miles…through predominantly European American neighborhoods…through the University…through the College / Community Hospital Zone…across the underpass…through “The Bricks” an old African American neighborhood and to a cross roads community to the Coop where my
    Boutique / Gallery is located.

    …when people come to the coop open house, they stop in the store and ask if the neighborhood is safe “for them to walk”. I say Yes…absolutely!

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