Who’s that family down the street?

Michelle Christine
Fairfax, VA

I consider myself a friendly, open, unbiased person. Why do I not know the two families on my street that don’t look like me?

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17 Responses to "Who’s that family down the street?"
  1. Basha Adams says:

    I feel that it is very hearten and rude that people in today’s society still have not changed. It’s amazing how racism still goes on and more and more each day we are a witness to it. I think people should learn to love one another and get over the fact that we aren’t the same color. We are all the same and we shouldn’t have to be judge because of the color of our skin.

  2. Kristin Hall says:

    I actually feel the same when it comes to the neighbors on my street. It seems as if they’re a little distant because of the race thing.

  3. Crystal McMillan says:

    That Family down the street might be thinking the same thoughts as you, race is a big bridge to get over.

  4. Kathy Failes Carpenter says:

    Stick out your hand and introduce yourself….. I always told my kids; the answer is “no” if you don’t ask….. this includes; will you be my friend?

  5. Carl says:

    You are afraid because you’re not sure if they are friendly, open, or unbiased like you.

  6. Robert Walker says:

    Just be willing to take the risk to get to know them. You never know what life lessons you could learn.

  7. Maya Brown says:

    You arent that open of a person if you havent took the time to get to know somebody that looks different on your street. Its good to go outside the box and meet new people.

  8. Jazzmine East says:

    A lot of people can be in someone’s business based on judgement without even getting the chance to actually know them. How can one have the “411,” but not actually knocking on that door?

  9. Kila wright says:

    I think there’s a reason for everything. Maybe it’s a good reason that you all haven’t met, maybe it’s just not meant to be.

  10. Zerricka says:

    I think the reason is because it’s easier to bond with someone like yourself, you feel more comfortable approaching them.

  11. Camille Montgomery says:

    I think the reason being is that we don’t really have time anymore. Also, people are afraid to try new things meaning that if someone isn’t like you people tend to nelglect them. So you just have to go in with an open mind.

  12. Mariah Wiley says:

    Basically, it’s other races in your neighborhood ,you call yourself unbiased , but yet has made any effort to meet them. In my opinion ,I think you haven’t made an effort because your scared of being put out there or maybe that the people that look like you will put you on the spot for the choice that you make.Deep down something is holding you back. Just go introduce your self but at your own time.

  13. Morgan More-y-own says:

    You say you are open and friendly, but no one is completely open. You probably wouldn’t walk up to a crack head and give them a hug, but who would? But were not talking about a crackhead. These are probably two respectable families, so why you haven’t made yourself and your family known are beyond me. You are open to what you know.

  14. Barb Cohan-Saavedra says:

    In 1964, when I was 13, a family bought the house across the street from us. The dad was African-American, his wife blond and blue-eyed. A neighbor from the far end of the block came to visit my mom and was sputtering with anger. “What,” she asked my mom, “what are you going to DO about this?” I had no idea what was going on, but my mom sure did. She winked at me and asked our neighbor, “why, Hannah, what are you talking about?” Hannah spit the words out, “you know. Our new NEIGHBORS.”. My mom looked her right in the eye and smiled. “Why, Hannah, I’m going to bake a cake and take it across the street and welcome them to the neighborhood. What are YOU going to do?” Hannah moved. The neighborhood became a better place, and it was years before I realized just what a cool example my mom had set.

    You should get to know your neighbors, all of them. If you’re wondering why you don’t know the neighbors who don’t look like you, then fix it. Bring them a cake!

  15. Y says:

    Fear of rejection, discomfort…….

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