Why are white people so afraid

Carla Schissel
Atlanta, GA

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3 Responses to "Why are white people so afraid"
  1. KeraPingree says:

    This one’s great!

  2. Shay Z's Beyoncé says:

    I think the irony here is that it is inherently racist to ask the question and make the statement, lumping ‘white people’ into a big ol’ racially stereotyped pile. Racism is damaging to individuals and society, regardless of the object.

    Why are black people so…
    Why are brown people so…
    Why are yellow people so…
    Why are Jews so…

    Why are *people* so afraid, racist, ignorant, mean, foolish, human…?

  3. lghlayton says:

    I ask the question because the of stares and sneers received by myself for just looking at model homes designed for age 55 plus homeowners. I thought the other couple looking at the same model had never seen a black person before. Mind you I live in a very racially diverse area however if the homes are very expensive gated community it is somehow suppose to keep non-whites out. I have been asked who did I come to visit or what do I do for a living. You say if I ask the question what are you afraid of I’m ignorant. I don’t think so….

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