Why can’t I simply be me?

H6A7774_2Jessica Seargeant,
Bellevue, WA.

I am half Japanese and half Caucasian. I’ve been told I’m not Asian enough by Asians and not “white” enough by Caucasians. I’ve been accused of choosing between my races when it suits me and advised to just say I’m “white.” Why can’t I just be both?

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16 Responses to "Why can’t I simply be me?"
  1. You look human enough to me…

  2. barry irving says:

    …look in the mirror…you are Asian with European blood. If you are mixed with Caucasian, that means that you may have African, Indian ( India ), Aboriginal or European blood because Caucasian does not mean White. It refers to facial and body type!

    • Racism is Ignorant says:

      Err barry.. We are all from Africa =) Not just Caucasians but Asians too. In fact, every race from every nation through DNA matching, has been scientifically proven that we, every dang race, are from Africa.

      • barry irving says:

        …we “WERE ALL FROM AFRICA” is the prevailing “theory”…YOU ARE FAR REMOVED FROM THAT “POSSIBILITY”…if Africa was so in your history then why call yourself an Asian. Your attempt at sarcasm is juvenile.

        …you read that, so why don’t you prove it for yourself and in life start showing just how African you are? Probably about as African as any other Asian.

        …you answer is typically evasive…diversion. The point is in your skewered language. Caucasian DOES NOT MEAN WHITE…IT DOESN’T REFER TO COLOR AT ALL.

        • Racism is Ignorant says:

          Ok African Aisan American. To me, colour of my isn’t the issue, racisim is. OH AND IT ISN’T BLACK AND WHITE THING!! so don’t go on acting like you own it!

        • Racism is Ignorant says:

          I don’t need to show how African or Asian I am. I AM AN AMERICAN! Before you go on hating all that you hear, you read, you see, you feel.. don’t act like as you are the only person on this dang planet that has been a vicitum of hate! What you are reflecting is RACISIM! And I’ll state it clear.. IGNORANT! I am off of this soap box. I’ve learn the best way is to walk away and to converse with those who’d and willing to hear, to see to feel what hate is really about. Juvinile?! Sarcasm!? Obviously you love jumping the gun there. Just don’t pick it up and hate to shoot!

      • barry irving says:

        …OK Bro…I can call you that right?…if you identify so strongly, then why not Homie…Ma Niga?…”B”…”G”…Black Mannn…shall I go on?

        …see you at da Club Ma Niga! We gon git it crunk an turn it up like Diddy!…issall in da bag G….1 out!

        • Racism is Ignorant says:

          Oh and, it is so apprent HATE causes racsims. And you do hate toward a lot of thing i can sense. Gosh more so then I!

        • Fighter says:

          Africans don’t talk like that. Lol, wuuuuut?

          • barry irving says:

            Africans in what sense?

          • Fighter says:

            People who were born on and live on the African continent… It seemed that you were implying that since we’re all from Africa, we should speak in that dialect… when that dialect itself originated on the American continent.

          • barry irving says:

            …I wasn’t born on the African Continent and I certainly am African. I speak learned English and I also speak in Regional Vernacular…that’s African too…descendant language style.

  3. Racism is Ignorant says:

    Yes you can be you. Be proud to be you! Never put your head down because what other people tell you who you are not appear to be.

    I am married to a Caucasian and I am an Asian. My son tells others he is Asian and my daughter will say she is white. I have no problem with that any of that. Whatever the heritage, know we are American. Be proud of our heritage yet unite as one as Americans.

    I lived in the US for a very very long time. I look 100% Asian yet my mind works 100% as American. To Asians, I am not Asian at all. I honestly don’t care because I am a proud AMERICAN!

    To those Asians who live in the US, especially those who holds USA citizenship and babbles about Asian culture and heritage… Learn to be more American would ya?

    Edit: After reading barry irvings’s post: If anyone wants to be proud of their heritage, then lets go back to our root. First and far most, be proud to be an African!

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