Why do Blacks use the N-word?

Darrell Penn
Plainsboro, NJ

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9 Responses to "Why do Blacks use the N-word?"
  1. I guess the same reason we Natives call each other “Skins” and “Injuns.”

  2. Kianna Young says:

    First off, let me begin this comment with saying Thank You!, I’ve always wondered why as African Americans, we want to get mad when we hear someone else say the n-word, but turn right back around and call each other by that name. What was the point of getting offended about it, if you use the word? That’s like saying I don’t like chocolate but then I go and eat it everyday. You shouldn’t be able to pick and choose whether or not you like a word and who can or can’t use it, life doesn’t work that way. And if we’re being politically correct here, there are two n-words. The one that ends in “-ger” and the one that ends in “-ga”. The “-ger” word is a racial slur directed towards people of color, mostly African Americans and was used extremely often during slave times as well as the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, (if I’m wrong on the times someone correct me). Now the word that ends in “-ga” is a term that just means lazy, and while it was still used as a slur for African Americans, we have no point in getting offended if someone else uses it, unless they’re saying they’re offended that they’re being called lazy, and since we use it as a sort of nickname for each other getting offended about it is completely pointless. What I’m really trying to say here, is if we, as a race, want to get upset over the use of a word, go get a dictionary and GROW UP before opening your mouth and showing just how ignorant you truly are!

    • Sorry, you don’t get to change the meaning and entire history behind a word just because you really, really want to. Nobody should. If anything, the mere desire to screams of actual ignorance.

      -ga, -ger, -ro, it’s all cut from the same cloth. I don’t want to see white people using a word that historically benefitted them and dehumanized black/mixed black people, just as much as I don’t want to see straight people using the f-word or the d-word towards gays and lesbians, respectively.

      There are too many unresolved racial issues for people to start using slurs that don’t apply to them, with the reasoning that ‘the meaning is different now!!!’ and ‘well I don’t use it THIS way, I use it THIS way!!!’.

      That sounds like a one-way ticket to a convoluted clusterfuck. Is it worth it?

    • Joel Sullivan says:

      Well-said, sir or madam

  3. waldo8 says:

    ’cause da B dumb – – ‘an we bez dumberr! mo braks sa’z da N word dan anyones elses! pfft! By a clu!

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